Mitsubishi Corporation

Business Service Group

The Business Service Group undertakes the roles of providing IT functions required for the MC Group's and our clients' business as well as making investments and handling other matters for this purpose.

IT has become an essential tool for all types of business following environmental changes such as advances in the digital society and business diversification, which has prompted a growing need for IT on a global basis. The Business Service Group will develop and provide IT services boasting global responsiveness and competitiveness through ties with business partners in Japan and overseas. We will also contribute to continuously raising the enterprise value of the MC Group and clients and business expansion by helping to promote the use of IT in business.

Organizational Structure

  • IT Service Business Division
  • IT Planning Dept.

    The IT Planning Dept. is responsible for planning MC's companywide IT strategies and devising its IT policies and measures, as well as investments and cost management. The business needs of the MC Group are becoming increasingly diverse and more globalized, and IT technology is ever advancing. Always quickly responding to these changes, the IT Planning Dept. not only deploys MC's companywide IT measures on a consolidated basis, but also proposes and promotes IT internal control and information security measures.


  • Tata Consultancy Services Japan

    Pooling MC's customer relations expertise with the international successes of India's Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), TCS Japan's comprehensive IT services provide robust support for innovation and globalization at client companies.

  • State-of-the-Art Mitaka Data Center

    The Mitaka Data Center located in the Mitaka City of Tokyo, is equipped with the latest anti-seismic base isolation structure and the first complete outside air cooling system in the urban area. Based on high-quality data center services for many years, MC will continue to provide valuable IT outsourcing services with careful attention to disaster control, environmental friendliness and robust security.

  • Cloud Computing Services for the Construction Industry Established

    MC has established a new company, MC Data Plus Inc., and has transferred its cloud based application services business for the construction industry to this new subsidiary. The new company will expand and strengthen its cloud computing services business and also develop Big Data application services.

Business Investments