Mitsubishi Corporation

Business Service Group

The Business Service Group coordinates MC's companywide IT strategies, covering everything from individual business strategies to planning, development, and administration.

As the business climate trends toward diversity and globalization, and digital technology advances, the importance of IT in corporate activity grows. There are now greater demands to more effectively use IT as a tool for business expansion.

The Business Service Group provides integrated IT services from upstream to downstream, including consulting and system and IT infrastructure integration. Our comprehensive services help to continuously raise the enterprise value of MC Group Companies and client companies, reform administrative procedures, and develop operations. Furthermore, by introducing and enhancing the most advanced and optimal IT functions to respond to the enormous changes in IT needs, we contribute to business expansion by boosting companies' competitive strength.

Organizational Structure

  • IT Service Business Division
  • IT Planning Dept.

    The IT Planning Dept. is responsible for MC's companywide IT measures such as IT systems and infrastructure, covering strategies and planning, as well as investments and cost management. The business needs of the MC Group are becoming increasingly diverse and more globalized, and IT technology is forever advancing. Always quickly responding to these changes, the IT Planning Dept. not only deploys MC's companywide IT measures on a consolidated basis, but also proposes and promotes IT internal control and information security measures.


  • New Joint Venture Company Established with TCS

    MC and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) teamed up to establish Tata Consultancy Services Japan, which began operations on July 1, 2014.

  • New, State-of-the-Art Data Center Opened

    In October 2013, MC opened a new data center in the Mitaka area of metropolitan Tokyo. The center is equipped with the latest technologies, including seismic dampening devices and the first municipal-use, fully outdoor air cooling system. Having already provided its customers with high-quality data center services for about 30 years now, MC is keen to build on that track record with high value-added services that give due consideration to environmental concerns, protect client data from disasters, and offer enhanced security.

Business Investments