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Tata Consultancy Services Japan, (English)
“A Tata Consultancy Services and Mitsubishi Corporation Joint Venture”

MC and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) teamed up to establish Tata Consultancy Services Japan, which began operations on July 1, 2014. The new company was created by merging MC's wholly-owned IT Frontier Corporation (ITF), Tata Consultancy Services Japan (the Japanese arm of TCS), and Nippon TCS Solution Center Limited (NTSC), an existing MC-TCS joint venture. TCS, which is India's largest, global IT services provider, owns 51% of the new company, with MC owning the remaining 49%.

Leveraging the customer relations expertise of both MC and its former subsidiary ITF, along with their knowledge of the Japanese market, the joint venture will offer its clients the same competitively-priced IT services that TCS has been developing around the world. It will also provide quick and efficient IT solutions to Japanese enterprises that are moving into overseas markets and support those launching new overseas businesses.

SIGMAXYZ (Japanese)

Integrating wide range of capabilities as business strategy, business process, and technologies and collaborating with companies of various sectors, SIGMAXYZ is to solve business issues of clients and to create new values with them. On listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers, SIGMAXYZ started to deal in cloud service, joint venture, and incubation business, along with consulting services, driving new value creation to bring impact toward the industries.

iFORT, (Japanese)

As a data center that meets outsourcing needs for corporate IT systems, iFORT offers multi-carrier network HUB environments on highly reliable infrastructure. It also provides collaborative environments that allow users to work with various professional partners.

Infosec (Japanese)

Infosec offers information security solutions for a broad realm of business activities, including IT governance and measures to prevent information leaks, to ensure businesses build environments upon which IT can be securely used. In addition to providing businesses with optimal information security solutions that integrate risk management services finely tuned to the unique characteristics of an organization's structure, scale and maturity, Infosec also provides security assessment services for networks and Web applications, and network monitoring services.

MC Data Plus, Inc

MC has established a new company, MC Data Plus Inc., and has transferred its cloud based application services business for the construction industry to this new subsidiary. The new company will expand and strengthen its cloud computing services business and also develop Big Data application services.

MIC Business Solutions (English)

MIC Business Solutions (MIBS), the MC Group's IT core company in the Americas, provides a seamless range of services, including system consulting and project management, as well as system development, operation, and maintenance, mainly to Japanese companies with a presence in the U.S.

iVision Shanghai Co., (Japanese)

iVision provides systems integration and consulting services to global companies with expanding operations in the Asian region, particularly China. The company provides the framework to support client businesses mainly in the areas of ERP, SCM, CRM, information security, and ITS. With good command of the three languages of Japanese, Chinese and English, the company provides services of a similar quality to what is available in Japan.