Mitsubishi Corporation

Chemicals Group:Commodity Chemicals Division B

In the Commodity Chemicals Division B, we primarily trade chemical commodities such as methanol, ethanol, ammonia, chemical fertilizers and inorganic chemicals. We also make investments to reinforce and complement these transactions.

In the Commodity Chemicals Division B, we use business investments and long-term contracts to secure competitive products, primarily those products using natural resources as its raw material such as natural gas, mining products, and agricultural products. In addition to products procured on the market through trading, the division provides value to meet the expectations of growing markets and customers.


While working to strengthen our trading capabilities, which include enhancing our logistics capabilities for our primary products, another focus in our efforts to achieve growth in the mid- to long-term is to secure competitive supply sources of raw materials through business investments.

Our large-scale investments include Metanol de Oriente, METOR, S.A., a producer of methanol in Venezuela, and Fosfatos del Pacifico S.A., a phosphate mining business in Peru.

Main Products and Services

Methanol, ethanol, ammonia, sulfur, sulfuric acid, other raw materials for fertilizers, fertilizer products, industrial mining products and others.

Organizational Structure

  • Methanol Dept.
  • Ammonia Dept.
  • Fertilizer Dept.
  • Inorganic Chemicals Dept.