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Energy Business Group

In the Energy Business Group, we develop and invest in oil and gas projects. We also deal in products relating to crude oil, petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and carbon.

Rising prices for crude oil and natural gas along with mounting geopolitical risks have brought about major changes within the Energy Business Group's operating environment. However, the group as an enterprise aspires to make a valuable contribution to society through the provision of stable supplies of energy. These business activities rely on an extensive network developed over many years with users in Japan and overseas, oil- and natural gas-producing nations and major oil companies.

Aiming to be a "unique and sustainable energy business as the energy arm of a general trading company", the group engages in daily business activities with an eye on coexisting with the energy society of tomorrow by focusing on securing energy resources and ensuring stable energy supplies while also taking the global environment into consideration in order to further increase corporate value.


The Energy Business Group has several key strategies: maintain and expand existing projects, particularly natural gas projects, and bring online new projects or ones under development; develop and strengthen E&P business; create new business models for tapping into globalization and growth markets; and strengthen MC's strategies and functions in support of these activities. While focusing on Japan, we intend to develop our businesses globally to capture demand in other Asian countries and emerging economies.

Organizational Structure

Strategic fields

The Energy Business Group literally fuels the development of industry and helps to improve the quality of people's lives. We handle energy in liquid, gas, and solid states, which provide consumers with light, heat and power. Our expansive energy portfolio consists of natural gas (including liquefied natural gas or LNG), crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), petroleum coke, coal coke and carbon products.

Our business model is just as far reaching, and we are involved from upstream to downstream in the energy value chain. We explore for, develop and produce oil and gas, and have investments in LNG projects. We import and trade trilaterally, and we have interests in domestic trading and retail businesses. Our group is taking measures to use energy more effectively and at the same time protect the natural environment. Our active forays into new energy businesses such as gas-to-liquid (GTL) and bio fuels are cases in point.

Main Overseas Projects of the Energy Business Group

LNG Value Chain

Petroleum and Oil Products Stored at Onahama Petroleum Co. in Fukushima, Japan.
MC established a joint venture plant in Jiangsu Province, China, to produce anodes for aluminum smelting.
Natural gas development and production site in the Kangean Exploration Blocks, located offshore East Java, Indonesia.

Business Investments