Mitsubishi Corporation

Energy Business Group : Natural Gas Business Division

In the Natural Gas Business Division, we are engaged in natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in various areas around the world. The goals of the business are to improve energy security and help to provide a natural gas supply that meets customer needs.

In 1969, when LNG was first imported to Japan from Alaska, MC primarily acted as an import agent for the Japanese market.

Since then, we have been involved in a multitude of projects and a variety of operations, including production, transportation and trading of LNG in areas such as Brunei, Malaysia, Australia, Oman, Indonesia and Russia, in addition to role as import agent for Japanese customers.


Worldwide demand for LNG is expected to increase. To sustain our growth going forward, we are engaged in a variety of new initiatives that build on our 40-year experience in the industry.

These include a liquefaction project operator in Indonesia (the Donggi-Senoro Project), development and production of shale gas in Canada, a project to extract associated gas from crude oil in Iraq, initiatives aimed at exporting LNG from the U.S., and natural gas exploration activities in Papua New Guinea.

Main Products and Services

Natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Organizational Structure

  • Brunei Natural Gas Business Dept.
  • Malaysia Natural Gas Business Dept.
  • Australia Natural Gas Business Dept.
  • Indonesia Natural Gas Business Dept.
  • Middle East Natural Gas Business Dept.
  • Russia Natural Gas Business Dept.
  • Americas Natural Gas Business Dept.
  • Donggi-Senoro Project Dept.
  • Shale Gas Business Dept.
  • LNG Operation & Trading Dept.