Mitsubishi Corporation

MC Carbon Co., Ltd.

MC Carbon Co. Ltd currently has three major products areas.

Coal Coke

The company sells coal coke to mostly Japanese customers for use in steel and non-ferrous reduction. The company handles 120,000 tons of coke a year, mostly through its domestic sales in Japan.


The company sells artificial graphite electrodes to Japanese customers, such as electric furnace steelmakers and manufacturers of cast steel. Yearly domestic demand for artificial graphite electrodes in Japan is currently about 70,000 tons and MC Carbon handles about 5,000 tons of this total.


Recarburizer is comprised of various raw materials, such as artificial graphite powder, natural graphite powder, and coke powder. MC Carbon sells approximately 50,000 tons of recarburizer a year, primarily to manufacturers of blast furnaces and electric furnaces.

Major Activities

Domestic trading of coal coke and artificial graphite electrodes; import and domestic trade of recarburizer for use in steel production.