Mitsubishi Corporation

Energy Business Group : New Business Development Dept.

Our office is engaged in business development concerning renewable energies, and market development of and building trading relationships for new fuels such as biomass fuels.

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, the situation surrounding energy supply in Japan is greatly changing. In this business environment, we are involved in accurately understanding the change in Japan's Basic Energy Plan (ratio of nuclear electric power generation, ratio of renewable energy introduction, etc.), which was reviewed after the earthquake, and trends in global warming countermeasures, as well as developing new businesses that could be pillars of our future energy business.


By leveraging MC's advantages in the function of fuel supply to Japan, and synergy with commercial rights we already have, we will cultivate a market for new fuels, and at the same time promote business development and study of renewable energies.

Main Products and Services

Research of trends in the energy industry, Feasibility study and business development concerning new energies, Market development of biomass fuels