Mitsubishi Corporation

Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group:Industrial Finance Division

In the Industrial Finance Division, in light of changes in the external business environment, we will develop our finance business as a comprehensive trading company to better serve the various needs of industry and our valued customers. ©Boeing

By leveraging MC's global, diverse networks and functions, we are engaged in the automobile leasing business both in Japan and overseas, and the aircraft and aircraft engine leasing business using our know-how in the sales and marketing of aircraft-related products.

We also aim to invest in large-scale infrastructure assets as well as establish itself as a financial intermediary in this sector through infrastructure related business and other areas.


As a sogo shosha (general trading company), MC has expertise and knowledge on assets as well as know-how in asset finance and other fields. Leveraging these strengths, we operate a financial intermediary business that provides a wide variety of investment opportunities to institutional investors and supplies risk capital to the industrial sector. At present, we are mainly involved in assets in the fields of infrastructure-related business as well as through leases, movable assets and commercial aircraft-related business including aircraft and aircraft engines. In the future, we will expand our asset fields and work to provide our valued customers with new, high-value added financing solutions with an emphasis on "industrial finance."

Main Functions and Services

  • Infrastructure related finance business
  • General leasing business in Japan and overseas including auto leasing
  • Airline-related business including aircraft leasing and aircraft engine leasing

Organizational Structure

  • Infrastructure Finance Dept.
  • Lease & Finance Dept.
  • Aviation Business Dept.