Mitsubishi Corporation

Living Essentials Group : Living Essential Resources Division

The Living Essential Resources Division sources and supplies resources as the primary materials for daily necessities related to food, clothing and housing in a wide variety of sectors and fields in the food, materials and textiles industries through production, procurement, manufacturing and processing.

The Living Essential Resources Division carries out the upstream sourcing of resources in the supply chain for the supply of daily necessities to consumers related to food, clothing and housing in a wide variety of sectors and fields in the food, materials and textiles industries. In order to meet increasingly sophisticated and diversified consumer needs, the division sources resources as primary materials through the proactive operation of business from production and procurement to manufacturing and processing on a global level, thus realizing not only stable but also safe and secure supplies to cater for actual demand in Japan and overseas.


At the Living Essential Resources Division we operate in Japan and overseas in the field of sourcing resources as primary materials. We strive to construct and strengthen a flexible business platform that allows us to maintain and replicate our distinctive competitive advantage in a self-sustaining manner in the face of any changes by sensitively responding to changes in market environments and industry structures. Through these efforts, we aim to respond to universal market needs in terms of two aspects of the business: stable, safe and secure supplies, and price competitiveness.

Main Products and Services

Wheat flour, rice, fresh produce, oils & fats, oil and fat products, corn, milo, wheat, barley, sesame seed, soybean, canola, marine products (tuna, shrimp, salmon, etc.), sugars, salt, starches, starched products, other sweeteners, corn grits, brewing ingredients (hops, malts), chicken, pork, beef, processed meat products, livestock, fish feed ingredients, coffee, confectionary ingredients, fruit juices, raw tea products, cheese, dairy products, lumber, housing materials and equipment, cement, ready-mixed concrete, concrete products, silica sand, kaolin, textile materials (cotton, yarn, composite materials) for apparel use, functional and high performance fibers and materials for industrial use etc.

Organizational Structure

  • Agricultural Produce and Oils & Fats Dept.
  • Grain & Oilseeds Dept.
  • Marine Products Dept.
  • Sweetener & Starch Products Dept.
  • Feed & Meat Products Dept.
  • Beverage and Dairy Products Dept.
  • Housing & Construction Materials Dept.
  • Fiber, Yarn & Industrial Textiles, Kansai Branch