Mitsubishi Corporation

Living Essentials Group:Essential Products Division

At the Living Essential Products Division, we handle a broad array of products including food, paper and packaging products, textile products, tires and healthcare-related products, and are responsible for processing, manufacturing, and distributing and logistics operations in these fields in Japan and overseas.

The Living Essential Products Division aims to supply various products and services in accordance with the respective needs of these fields, responding flexibly to changes in market and industry environments, and to comprehensively meet the needs of diverse consumers in Japan and overseas.


In the Living Essential Products Division, based on our flexible and diverse way of thinking, which goes beyond the limits of specific products, we work to strengthen and develop our processing, manufacturing, and distributing and logistics operations and business base in Japan and overseas together with our partners. In the supply chain for providing daily necessities to consumers, we also continue to strengthen the competitiveness of our subsidiaries in each field.

Main Products and Services

Processed foods, frozen and chilled products, confectionery, liquor, pet food, paper products (including papers for printing and information), paperboard (including corrugated containerboard and white paperboard), packaging materials (including food packaging), raw materials for paper (including woodchips and pulp), printing and photosensitive materials, printing-related materials and equipment, tires, industrial rubber materials, clothing, footwear, furniture and interior products, household goods, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, various outsourcing services and support businesses for hospitals, business relating to medical equipment, medical supplies, nursing care equipment rental business, and so forth.

Organizational Structure

  • Processed Foods Dept.
  • Paper & Packaging Dept.
  • Apparel Dept.
  • S.P.A. Manufacturing Dept.
  • Tire & Consumer Goods Dept.
  • Healthcare Dept.