Mitsubishi Corporation

Machinery Group:Industrial Machinery Business Division

The Industrial Machinery Business Division sells medium- and high-volume products such as construction machinery, industrial machinery, and elevators and escalators in markets worldwide. It also operates related businesses such as leasing and sales financing.

The Industrial Machinery Business Division has a global presence, selling medium- and high-volume products such as construction machinery, mining equipment, industrial machinery, machine tools, and elevators and escalators. It also invests in related businesses worldwide.

In the construction machinery field, the division operates a nationwide machinery rental business in Japan and sells construction machinery and mining equipment in overseas markets, particularly emerging economies. The division is also establishing a sales finance business in China, one of its key markets.

In the industrial machinery business, the division operates a global sales and service business, selling mold and sheet metal machinery, machine tools and agricultural machinery through its own sales subsidiaries. It provides after sales and other services to customers via its main business sites in Japan, the US, China, Brazil and India.

The elevator & escalator business exports and sells elevators and escalators to 50 countries worldwide. It also manages and operates sales and maintenance companies overseas, develops new markets and conducts business investment.


Leveraging the strengths and capabilities of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), the Industrial Machinery Business Division will strive to boost competitiveness by strengthening its value chain, which is focused on sales of products to customers in Japan and markets worldwide, especially emerging economies. Specifically, the division will identify strategic markets for each product type and offer total solutions to customers in those markets through sales finance, leasing, and maintenance service businesses that are firmly anchored in each region and country. In this way, the division will use its products to contribute to the development of industry and social infrastructure.

Main Products and Services

Construction machinery, mining equipment, machine tools, agricultural machinery, elevators and escalators, and related businesses.

Organizational Structure

  • Elevator & Escalator Operation & Marketing Dept.
  • Industrial Equipment Business Dept.
  • Construction & Mining Equipment Project Dept.