Mitsubishi Corporation

Machinery Group:Motor Vehicle Business Division

The Motor Vehicle Business Division is engaged in automobile related businesses including automobile sales and automobile financing in various countries around the world.

The Motor Vehicle Business Division has chalked up many major achievements in automobile-related businesses over a span of more than four decades. We regard the motor vehicle business as an industry that will continue to have enormous potentials for growth in the 21st century. Based on this belief, we are operating our business globally in every corner of the world. Our business model centers on the overseas market dealing with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation, and we are developing our business with a broad value chain stretching from upstream to downstream of the auto industry incorporating parts manufacturing, vehicle assembly, sales and automobile finance.


We will look to add even higher value to the business activities of our division by strengthening the value chain centered on the core business of sales in strategically important regions that are the growth markets such as Indonesia, Russia and China.

Main Products and Services

Motor vehicles (built-up vehicles, assembly parts, spare parts)

Organizational Structure

  • Motor Vehicle Asean & South West Asia Dept.
  • Motor Vehicle North Asia Dept.
  • Motor Vehicle Europe, Middle-East & Africa Dept.
  • Motor Vehicle Americas & Australia Dept.