Mitsubishi Corporation

CSR & Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee

MC's CSR & Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee is made up of nine external experts. In the year ended March 2013, the committee held meetings in May and November 2012 and provided advice on the MC Group's sustainability activities. At the April 2013 meeting, the committee members gave their opinions on MC's carbon management, supply chain management and the Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation, among other themes.

Members of the CSR & Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee (FY2013) - Eiichiro Adachi (Counselor, The Japan Research Institute, Limited) / Mizue Unno (Managing Director, So-Tech Consulting, Inc.) / Keiko Katsu (Freelance Newscaster) / Hiroshi Kito (Professor, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Sophia University) / Kaori Kuroda (Executive Director, CSO Network Japan) / James E. Brumm (Former Executive Adviser Mitsubishi International Corporation) / Takejiro Sueyoshi (Special Advisor to the UNEP Finance Initiatives in the Asia Pacific Region) / Hideyuki Nabeshima (Chairperson) (Senior Executive Vice President, CSR & Environmental Affairs) / Yasushi Hibi (Director of Japan Program, Conservation International) / Peter D. Pedersen (Co-founder, E-Square Inc.)

Main Opinions and Suggestions to Date

Carbon management

  • There is a global consensus that urgent steps are required on the environmental front to protect our planet, the stage for all global corporations. Today, corporations are expected to be responsible members of society. We think that it is important to continuously formulate and implement increasingly thorough sustainability policies and measures.
  • Going forward, we believe that it is necessary to engage in initiatives to protect the global environment beyond carbon management. We believe that this should begin first with the gathering of information to assess the Company's total environmental footprint. Based on the results of this analysis, MC can ascertain its overall environmental impact and formulate specific measures in response.

Supply chain management

  • Supply chain management is an important issue when conducting business in emerging and developing nations. With various measures being taken internationally, we believe it is essential to respond to this issue by considering the characteristics of each industry.
  • We also believe that it is important to regularly review the questions used for local surveys and questionnaires in order to fully understand the actual condition of MC's supply chain.

The Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation

  • We think it is wonderful that MC has been providing effective support for disaster-stricken regions since the Great East Japan Earthquake. We also agree that it is important to conduct sustained relief efforts rather than just a temporary show of support. As time passes, the type of support required will become increasingly complex and difficult in some respects, but we hope that MC will continue to support those regions while staying attuned to local needs.

● Overview of the CSR & Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee's Malaysian Inspection Tour

Over three days in November 2012, members of the CSR & Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee conducted an inspection tour in Malaysia. The committee members visited liquefaction facilities of Malaysia LNG, one of MC's natural gas businesses, and also took part in tree-planting as part of the Tropical Forest Regeneration Experimental Project, which MC runs locally. The participants commented that it was a wonderful opportunity to visit the frontline of a business that is contributing to the creation of societal value at MC. They also noted that it was a meaningful opportunity to experience an example of MC's multifaceted sustainability approach.