Mitsubishi Corporation

Human Resource Development and Support

Human Resource Development and Support

MC's greatest assets are its employees. Worldwide, there are close to 60,000 employees working at either Mitsubishi Corporation or MC Group companies. MC promotes a variety of human resource development programs to create working environments that allow employees to freely demonstrate their abilities within rewarding and vibrant workplaces.

Utilizing Human Resources—Career Support

MC develops and fosters its human resources on an MC Group basis to deepen the knowledge and experience of each employee so that they can contribute broadly to society.

Respecting People—Increasing the Joy of Work

MC operates in over 200 locations worldwide and it has more than 600 MC Group companies. MC thus has a varied human resources consisting of different nationalities, races, genders and ages. So that all employees can approach their work with abundant enthusiasm and vitality and steadily progress in their careers, MC has various support mechanisms in place.

Basic Data

Information concerning the employees of Mitsubishi Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries