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Mitsubishi Corporation - Annual Report 2011

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  • PotentialThis section provides a summary of major investments made in line with the investment strategies contained in Midterm Corporate Strategy 2012.
  • Performance : A MESSAGE FROM THE CFOMember of the Board, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Performance : FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTSMitsubishi Corporation and Subsidiaries
  • Sustainability : DiscussionAn overview of corporate governance at MC
  • Sustainability : SUSTAINABILITY AT MCCreating Sustainable Corporate Value

Results of Bussiness Groups - FY2011 Net Income ¥ 463.2 bilion

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Financial Section of Annual Report 2011

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Correction (November 14, 2011) (PDF:79KB)
  • NET INCOME: 463.2 bilion
  • NET DEBT-EQUITY RATIO: 0.9 times

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