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Investment Assets

  • Investment assets include related investments and non-current receivables, cost of available-for-sale securities (shares only), unlisted securities, property and equipment (excluding real estate held for development and resale), intangible assets, and goodwill.
    Under the investment plan in Midterm Corporate Strategy 2012, MC expects to invest a total of ¥2.0-2.5 trillion over the plan's 3-year period.
  • Prior-year investment assets have not been reclassified to take into account the impact of unifying domestic subsidiaries' fiscal year-ends.
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Balance of investment assets(¥ trillion)
(¥ billion)
Gross investments - - - 330 370 450 750 700 270 370
(Resources) - - - 100 140 160 300 270 70 170
(Non-resources) - - - 240 230 290 450 430 200 210
Asset realignments, etc. - - - -260 20 -100 -430 -850 -180 -270
Change - 50 -20 70 390 350 320 -150 90 100
Balance of investment assets 2,700 2,750 2,730 2,800 3,190 3,540 3,860 3,710 3,800 3,900
Main Investment Projects [K]Established BMA (Australian coal joint venture), [N]Invested in Tangguh LNG Project in Indonesia, [N]Invested in expansion of production facilities at North West Shelf LNG Project in Australia, [E]Increased investment in Tenaska, U.S. IPP business, [K]Invested in expansion of MOZAL production line (Aluminum smelter business in Mozambique) [K]Established Metal One Corporation (Steel products business),[N]Invested in development of Sakhalin II LNG Project, [K]Increased investment in Hernic Ferrochrome (Pty) Ltd. (Extraction of chromium ore, production and sales of ferrochrome) [N]Invested in development of Sakhalin II LNG Project, [N]Acquired additional working interest in Malaysia LNG Project (I) [M]Subscribed to private placement of shares by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), [N]Invested in development of Sakhalin II LNG Project, [L]Invested in San-Esu Inc. (Confectionery wholesaler), [L]Established Meidi-ya Corporation (Food wholesaler), [C]Acquired additional shares in SPDC Ltd., [M]Acquired preferred shares of Isuzu Motors Limited [N]Invested in development of Sakhalin II LNG Project, [E]Invested in IPP businesses in Thailand and Taiwan, [M]Subscribed to private placement of shares by MMC, [L]Acquired additional shares of Life Corporation (Food supermarket chain), [N]Established Astomos Energy Corporation (Import and trading of LPG, as well as domestic distribution and sales) [N]Invested in development of Sakhalin II LNG Project, [K]Invested in development of Clermont thermal coal mine in Australia, [L]Subscribed to private placement by Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Co., Ltd. (Manufacture, processing and sales of paper, pulp, etc.), [M]Purchased additional common shares of Isuzu Motors, [K]Purchased shares of CMP (Chilean iron ore business company), [C]Made Kohjin Co., Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary (films, biochemicals and fine chemicals manufacturer) [N]Invested in K2 oil field project in the Gulf of Mexico (E&P), [K]Invested in Jack Hills iron ore project in Western Australia, [L]Made Nosan Corporation, Nitto Fuji Flour Milling Co., Ltd. and Nihon Shokuhin Kako Co., Ltd. subsidiaries, [S]Acquired aircraft for leasing, [N]Injected capital into ENCORE ENERGY PTE. LTD. (Holding company of Medco, Indonesia), [N]Invested in development of Sakhalin II LNG Project, [C]Acquired additional shares in SPDC, [N]Invested in Kangean project in Indonesia (E&P), [M]Purchased additional shares in Nikken Corporation [K]Acquired working interest in Saraji East coking coal project in Australia, [K]Acquired working interest in Kintyre uranium project in Australia, [M]Purchased additional shares in Chiyoda Corporation, [L]Invested in AEON Co., Ltd., [S]Invested in Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Ltd., [N]Acquired interest in North Sea oil field, [L]Invested in Itoham Foods, Inc. [L]Made Nosan Corporation a wholly owned subsidiary, [S]Invested in Marunouchi Capital Co., Ltd. fund, [M]Invested in Rolf Import (Russian automobile importer and wholesaler), [E]Invested in Swing* Corporation (Comprehensive water service provider), [E]Invested in Amper Central Solar, S.A. (Solar photovoltaic power generation business in Portugal) [S]Acquired aircraft for leasing, [K]Acquired additional CMP shares (Chilean iron ore company), [N]Invested in Canadian shale gas development project, [N]Invested in Senoro-Toili natural gas project in Indonesia (upstream interest in the Donggi-Senoro LNG Project), [E]Invested in TRILITY Pty Ltd (Australian water utility business), [K]Acquired additional working interest in Escondida copper mine (Chilean copper production and sales)
  • [E]Global Environment Business Development Group
  • [T]Business Service Group
  • [S]Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group
  • [N]Energy Business Group
  • [K]Metals Group
  • [M]Machinery Group
  • [C]Chemicals Group
  • [L]Living Essentials Group

* Ebara Engineering Service Co., Ltd. was renamed Swing Corporation in April 2011.