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Potential - Brazil

Brazil (Strategic Region)
Unlocking Potential in Agriculture, Resources, and Consumption

Brazil has massive potential both as a major supplier of resources and as a consumer market. MC aims to engage with this market by focusing on the urban infrastructure sector and by improving links with influential business partners.

Brazil: A Major Market and Source of Supply

Export Structure in Brazil ($ billion)
Export Structure in Brazil

The Brazilian economy has established a solid recovery track since the Lehman Shock. The twin driving forces are the country's position as a supplier of resources and as a consumer market.

Blessed with vast fertile plains, Brazil has more than 200 million hectares of arable agricultural land plus about 20% of the world's freshwater supplies. These features make the country a potential agricultural superpower. Brazil is also a rich source of natural resources from oil to iron ore, making it one of the world's leading resource nations. In addition to its natural strengths as a supplier, the population has an average age of just 32 years, which gives Brazil the potential to become a major consumer market as well.

In April 2011, recognizing Brazil's growth potential, MC appointed an executive vice president to lead local business operations and enhance capabilities for making quick management decisions. MC has also established working groups to function as Groupwide taskforces targeting promising sectors. MC is focusing on businesses related to urban infrastructure, a sector that is expanding rapidly ahead of the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament in 2014 and summer Olympic Games in 2016. MC is also seeking to develop new business opportunities in other fields, based on addressing problems for specific major customers.

Looking further ahead to future decades, MC plans to engage aggressively in next-generation businesses.

Looking to Enhance Our Presence in Brazil

Brazil is poised to be a major force in the global economy. It boasts rich mineral and energy resources and is also a major agricultural country. In addition, Brazil's upper and middle classes are expected to grow; they currently comprise 60% of the nation's approximately 200 million people. Moreover, the pace of economic growth is likely to accelerate as new social infrastructure is developed.

Brazil is aiming to raise the overall level of industry and for this it needs to bolster efficiency and quality as well as promote improvements related to environmental sustainability and energy conservation. To help Brazil achieve its goals, the MC Group must team up with highly skilled Japanese manufacturers and work to establish itself in the country. Meanwhile, I'd also like to explore collaboration with Brazilian companies on business in other countries as well.

MC Executive Vice President, Regional CEO, Latin America
Seiji Shiraki