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Providing Comprehensive Water Utility Management in Australia

The global water business market is growing rapidly. Amid this growth, MC is developing a comprehensive water business on a global basis, from securing water resources to water supply and reuse. Here we look at Australian company TRILITY, which is part of this comprehensive push.

In October 2010, MC, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, a public-private partnership, JGC Corporation and Manila Water Company, Inc. teamed up to acquire United Utilities Australia Pty Limited, a private-sector water utility solutions provider based in Australia. The company's name was subsequently changed to TRILITY in March 2011.

The company was renamed to reflect the aim of being a comprehensive water utility services provider based on three (tri-) key elements. Specifically, in three key fields (Water, Wastewater, and Reuse Water), the company plans to leverage three functions (Design, Finance, and Operate) to provide value to customers in three main markets (Municipal, Industrial and Resource).

Established in 1991, TRILITY operates 14 individual businesses, comprising 60 water treatment, wastewater processing, wastewater reclamation, and seawater desalination facilities, across Australia.

Most of these facilities were designed and constructed by TRILITY, which has been supplying high-quality water services to communities for around 20 years. Today, TRILITY supplies water and water treatment services for over 3 million water users and it plans to further develop services from the general public to industry, as it develops the water business market, particularly in Australia.

TRILITY Business Model
TRILITY Business Model

Regional Growth Forecasts for Global Water Business Market (¥ trillion)
Regional Growth Forecasts for Global Water Business Market

[ From the Business Frontline ]

The company has embarked on a new, expanded strategic direction, which includes organic growth as well as M&As, following the change in ownership. Our new shareholders bring with them a wealth of opportunity, knowledge and financial strength, which will greatly enhance TRILITY's already dominant position in the Australian water PPP market.

TRILITY looks to leverage the many relationships its new shareholders bring across various market sectors, particularly mining and resources, to accelerate growth both nationally and abroad.

Managing Director Francois Gouws

Managing Director
Francois Gouws