Chemicals Group

Overview and strategies

Overview and strategies Chemicals Group offers a broad line of products not only chemicals but also plastics, glue, compounds, fertilizers and various kinds of additives being consumed and used in almost all of the industries throughout the country.

Other than commercial activities including import and export, domestic sales and marketing, we have several joint ventures for manufacturing and logistics like tank terminal, warehouse and forwarding with which we can serve more integrated function to our customers.

Based on long years of business in Thailand on commodity, functional, and also advanced chemical related products together with Mitsubishi Corporation's (MC) global network in dealing with suppliers worldwide, we are pleased to work with you as your best business partner.

Handling Items

  1. Basic chemical products

    Aromatics & solvents
    Benzene, toluene, xylene, PX, MEK, EAC, ECH, VAM, LAB, acetone, acetic acid and chlorinated solvents Olefins, chlor-alkaline and fiber intermediates, ethylene, propylene, butadiene, EDC, VCM, PTA, MEG, DEG, AN and PE chip
  2. Organic chemical products

    Methanol, phenol, PA, BPA, PTBP, BMA, TBA, MMA, SM, PG, acrylic acid, acrylic esters and acrylic sheet
  3. Plastics products

    LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE PP, PS, ABS, PET, PC, POM, other engineering plastics, PVC, PMMA, BR and silicone
  4. Fine & inorganic chemical products

    Fine and specialty chemicals
    • PVA, textile chemicals, organic peroxides, hydrogen peroxide, food additives, citric acid, sugar ester, carrageenan, mono glyceride and melamine
    Fertilizer & inorganic chemicals
    • Agro chemicals, molasses, urea, sulfuric acid, ethanol, gypsum, potassium chloride
  5. Thai Chemical products

    Formalin, urea/melamine/phenol formaldehyde glue, plasticizer, PVC modifier


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