AerospaceMitsubishi International Corporation (MIC) provides comprehensive business solutions that meet our clients' needs by leveraging our extensive network and knowledge of aerospace industry value chains. We are also active in the identification and commercialization of advanced technology applications for the industry.

Aerospace: Breaking Barriers

In the aerospace industry, we are active in commercial aviation, space development, and defense-related projects, including cyber security and missile defense, as well as conventional defense equipment and systems. We also welcome opportunities to convert military technology to civilian uses. Our commercial aviation activities range from supplying OEMs with major airframes and components to functioning as an industry innovator and solution provider. Our parent company, Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), is a pioneer and a front-runner in the satellite imagery business in Japan. MC is a partner in the joint venture that operates the Ikonos/GeoEye-1 imagery satellite, providing state-of-the-art, high-resolution digital data about our planet.


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