As one of the world's leading resources for buying and selling commodity and specialty chemicals, we have industry-wide expertise extending throughout the chemical supply chain. We source and distribute chemicals to global customers through an impressive network of suppliers worldwide and participate in major on-line marketplaces.

Global Sourcing of Commodity Chemicals

Together with Mitsubishi Corporation, we are one of the few companies in the world with the financial and technical resources to make large-scale investments in petrochemicals, fertilizers, methanol, salt and other basic commodity chemicals. As joint venture partner to many key supplier nations, we help ensure a steady supply of commodity chemicals at highly competitive rates. Our global logistics networks, including Asian distribution hubs, ensure optimal handling and delivery of our customers' products.

Specialty Chemicals: Mastering Niche Markets

With over 90 product categories, specialty chemicals offer a diverse set of profitable niche markets. Through our relationship with technologically sophisticated Japanese suppliers, we have a thorough understanding of these markets, enabling us to offer high-quality, value-added specialty chemicals and contract-manufacturing services. In Japan, we handle chemicals distribution through roughly 60 subsidiaries in such markets as plastics, agrichemicals and petrochemicals.


a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)