As a total energy solutions provider, Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC) leverages parent Mitsubishi Corporation's(MC) vast network of resources across the globe to market a full line of petroleum, natural gas and carbon-based products. In the Americas, we develop new oil and natural gas reserves, and provide financing for new and environmentally sustainable energy products.

Supplying Clean Energy

LNG is a clean, safe and reliable form of energy and is the source of nearly 100% of Japanese natural gas demand. MC has been the leading supplier of LNG to the Japanese market from the time when the first LNG arrived from Alaska in 1969. Since then, MC has contributed greatly to the development of LNG markets and our investments in LNG have extended to various countries mainly in the Asian Pacific region. MIC is representing MC’s LNG business activities in North & South America and extends the LNG value chain down to the North American natural gas market by securing LNG receiving terminal capacity at Freeport, TX and acquiring equity in a natural gas marketing company (CIMA Energy LP). This expansion enables us to provide more value to our clients while also strengthening our overall LNG business.

Serving Customer Needs

In addition to supplying Japan and other nations with crude oil, we also handle thousands of barrels per day of crude oil and coal coke inside U.S. Our California subsidiary, Petro-Diamond, Inc. (PDI), which supplies gasoline and other light products to gas station chains and other customers, also suggests the ways we serve customers in the United States and a variety of other markets.

Together with MC we are building a breadth of expertise in carbon and carbon products business, a result of our customers' need to offload the heavy carbon byproducts of their activities. Carbon product sales now account for approximately 20% of revenues as we develop new customers for carbon-related products in the steel industry and elsewhere.


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