As a gateway to the global marketplace, Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC) offers total supply chain management, handling the many business activities required to ensure that both commodity and processed foods reach consumers when and where they are needed.

Investments Help Manage Global Supply

MIC is an integral part of parent Mitsubishi Corporation's global sourcing, production and logistics operations for foods. In the United States, we have significant investments in Indiana Packers, an integrated pork producer; in Agrex, a grain dealer with a network of grain elevators; and in Terra Harvest, a growing joint venture company producing rice crackers for sale in the U.S.

International Marketing Capability

A traditional strength is MIC's ability to export chiefly to Asia a range of food products, from grain and other agricultural commodities to processed foods, frozen juice concentrate and fresh produce. Matching this capability is our marketing in the U.S. of domestically produced raw materials, such as flour and oil, and our sourcing of other food products in the Americas for customers around the world.

Cocoa Trading

As a major supplier of cocoa beans and cocoa products for the world's leading chocolate manufacturers, MIC imports cocoa from around the globe, assuring quality and timely delivery. Our global network enables us to provide our customers with up-to-the-minute crop information for cocoa-producing countries.

Coffee Trading

MIC is also a major supplier of coffee beans and coffee products, including soluble coffee and coffee extract, for the world's major coffee roasters and instant-coffee makers. We import quality coffees from around the globe, as well as providing timely intelligence concerning coffee production.

Supplying Dairy Products

For more than half a century, Mitsubishi has sourced and supplied manufactured dairy products, ranging from basic dairy commodities to proprietary and innovative dairy ingredients. We also work actively with our customers to help create new dairy-related business in the worldwide food and feed markets.


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