As part of Mitsubishi Corporation's (MC) worldwide trading network, Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC) has many years of experience transporting various types of products overseas and implementing programs for risk management. Utilizing this efficient global logistics network, e-logistics platform, tank terminals, and risk consulting skills, we provide clients with value-added logistics solutions and services.

Transportation and Logistics

Mitsubishi International Corporation can find the most cost-effective, time-efficient and reliable transport modes to carry diverse types of cargo. As part of Mitsubishi Corporation's global logistics network, we build transportation systems responsive to client needs by actively investing in the ownership and operation of ships and in port facilities.

As a result of years of experience in trading and distribution, we have our own network of multi-purpose distribution centers throughout the world, as well as strategically located public tank terminals throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The existence of these distribution points, together with our state-of-the-art logistics technologies and expertise, has made it possible for us to effectively propose solutions that meet our clients' requirements.

MIC leverages the capabilities of Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc. (MCLOGI), formerly part of the Logistics Division of Mitsubishi Corporation. MCLOGI is an international logistics services provider with long experience as a cargo owner. This experience enables MCLOGI to address issues from the viewpoint of cargo owners, whose requirements vary from time to time from one industry to another. MCLOGI applies its knowledge and experience to select transport modes and routes that tailor a logistics solution for each customer.

MCLOGI is also able to leverage the management resources and worldwide network of MC to integrate relevant business information into its menu of logistics services. MCLOGI can add value beyond that of a logistics service provider for clients across a variety of product categories, ranging from industrial plant materials and parts to fresh foods.

Risk Consulting and Insurance

Mitsubishi International can provide advanced risk solutions to facilitate business transactions. We coordinate the resources of insurers, brokers, consultants and other financial intermediaries to structure risk transfer and alternative risk financing programs that assist in "getting the deal done."

Our experience includes:

  • Contract review and analysis of property and liability risk issues
  • Designing controlled insurance programs for construction projects
  • Surety bonding
  • Environmental liability assessment
  • Merger/Acquisition due diligence

Mitsubishi International Corporation has nearly 50 years experience arranging insurance on behalf of its customers. We offer a menu of competitively priced services including comprehensive marine cargo coverage with insuring conditions tailored to individual commodities backed by a state-of-the-art document issuance and electronic reporting system. We can arrange insurance coverage by a financially strong carrier rated A++ XV by A.M. Best and AA- by Standard & Poor's. In addition, we have access to a worldwide network of surveyors and claims adjusters with an express claims handling program involving minimal documentation requirements for losses of less than $8,000.


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