Dedicated to developing industry globally while supporting environmental sustainability, we make full use of our resources to provide a total package of services throughout the entire life cycle of a project - from planning through successful implementation of a new venture.

A Global Package of Services

As a representative of equipment manufacturers from around the world, our focus has gradually shifted from a Japan-centered business to a truly global enterprise, with partners throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa. The services we provide range from market research and procurement, to coordinating suppliers and arranging favorable terms for financing operations.

New Business Directions Emphasize Green Technologies

While our traditional strength lies in supplying large-scale machinery for power plants and other industrial uses, we are continually entering other business areas. We now develop and operate infrastructure services, such as environmentally sound electric power plants. We place a high priority on solving or alleviating environmental problems around the world through the use of "green" technologies for recycling materials and construction.


a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)