Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC) provides solutions to our clients in the packaging industry by offering a combination of materials, equipment and technology in markets around the Pacific Rim and across the Atlantic. Together with Mitsubishi Corporation, which is well positioned in Japan's $60 billion packaging market, we enable our clients to access a dense network of relationships in many consumer industries.

Packaging Solutions

MIC's bundle of services helps grow our clients' business. Although much of our business entails the export and import of packaging materials between the U.S. and Japan, our business also touches markets in South America, Asia and Europe. A typical business project structure might involve our working closely with raw material manufacturers, packaging converters, packaging distributors and packaging machinery manufacturers to deliver product to end customers in the foods, beverage, confectionery, and fast food industries. With this type of project, we draw on a global network of information to help identify, design, and organize solutions. When the product needs to be moved at any stage along the value chain from raw materials to the finished package, we draw on our logistics expertise to find the most efficient ways to store, transport, and keep track of it.

Investing in Innovative Technologies

Additionally, we recognize these solutions need to address a myriad of issues ranging from our clients' concern for differentiation, competitive cost and technology, to the need for safety, convenience and a longer shelf life. Understanding these drivers, Mitsubishi International's investment strategy and interest in technology transfer add significant value to our sales activities.


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