Printing & Graphic Arts

Leveraging parent Mitsubishi Corporation's decades of industry experience and sharing a strong environmental commitment, Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC) finds reliable suppliers and helps our customers meet day-to-day operational challenges.

Paper and Paper Raw Materials

We supply customers in North and South America with printing and specialty paper including: coated free sheet, thermal, carbonless and ink jet paper from Japan and Germany. To provide our customers with stable supply sources, we rely on long and close relationships with partners and affiliates. We supply pulp, woodchip, and kaolin clay to customers in Japan.

Graphic Arts and Photo Materials

MIC works with a joint venture company in the U.S. to market photo paper and film, and related equipment and chemicals, to the photo industry. For the printing industry, MIC works with a joint venture company to market printing plate materials, and related equipment and chemicals, for use in digital and analog off-set printing.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certification

As of January 23, 2008, MIC earned Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certification from the Rainforest Alliance. This certification reflects a growing trend in the paper and printing industry of companies making more environmentally and socially responsible supply chain decisions and an important component of MC's effort to develop sustainable business around the world. This also builds upon our long-standing commitment to sustainability as embodied in our forestry policy and as exemplified by FSC certification for Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc (Al-Pac) forest products.


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