Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC) markets a spectrum of diverse products addressing both industrial solutions and garment related requirements. The product segments span from the sourcing and sales of fibers, fabric, and garments to nonwoven fabrics, photo-sensitive polymer printing plates, as well as plastic optical fiber/cables. These diverse products allow us to be involved with a myriad of applications that reflect the expertise we bring to the specialized needs of our customers.

Industrial Textiles and Fiber

MIC markets industrial textile products that mostly originate from Japan. The nonwoven fabric applications function as a filter material, as well as a material element within batteries. The specialty fiber and yarns typically are utilized as a reinforcement of such materials as rubber, cement, and a variety of plastics. Our fiber optic fibers and cables are utilized in applications in illumination, data control, sensing, and data transmission. The fiber optic operation includes related customer designed added-value products inclusive of light-pipes, cable assemblies, and a fiber cable DVI system. The products of photo sensitive polymer plates address the letterpress and flexo printing.


MIC both exports and imports garments and fabric. We work with U.S. makers of apparel and accessories to license their products, for manufacture in, or import to, Japan. Together with Mitsubishi Corporation, we define market opportunities in Japan and Asia for select U.S.-made upscale apparel.


a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)