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President's Message

Welcome to Mitsubishi Corporation do Brasil's homepage.

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is a global integrated business enterprise (sogo shosha) that develops and operates businesses in virtually every industry. MC has more than 200 offices in 90 countries, and the MC Group includes 1,200 companies and employs over 68,000 employees worldwide.

The MC parent company is headquartered in Tokyo and has seven Business Groups (Global Environmental & Infrastructure Business; Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development; Energy Business; Metals; Machinery; Chemicals; and Living Essentials). However, its customers and operations extend globally in a wide array of economic sectors. MC operates from upstream to downstream in many of these sectors, in linked structures that the company refers to as “value chains”

MC meets customer demands at each link in these value chains, including development, purchasing, manufacturing, and logistics and sales. Its aim is to create long-term business opportunities by fully leveraging its global network and unique, sogo-shosha functions.

Mitsubishi Corporation do Brasil has been operating since 1955. We are headquartered in São Paulo and have branches in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. We currently have seven business departments.

The Infrastructure Business Department and the Machinery Department both have units at our São Paulo headquarters and Belo Horizonte Branch. These units handle machinery used at large oil and chemicals plants, steel mills, mines, and port facilities, along with equipment vital to areas like shipbuilding, the aerospace industry, railway cars, industrial machinery, elevators, and so on. Both departments are also actively involved in urban transport, energy, smart communities, and other sectors.

The Automotive Business Division is based at our São Paulo headquarters. It provides administrative support to our shareholder MC on its relationship with HPE Automotores do Brasil LTDA, the company who manufactures and sells Mitsubishi cars in Brazil. Brazil is home to a wealth of natural resources, and given the importance of preserving these resources and the natural environment, HPE is committed to promoting wider ownership and use of eco-vehicles.

The Energy Department is based at our São Paulo headquarters and Rio de Janeiro Branch. Incorporating expertise from MC's global network, this department deals in a wide range of energy sources in gaseous, liquid, and solid states, including LNG, natural gas, and petroleum coke.

The Metals Department is based at our São Paulo headquarters and Rio de Janeiro Branch. It handles diverse products and materials in steel, iron ore, and non-ferrous metals. By providing global markets with a stable and sustainable supply of high-grade raw materials, this department is helping to enrich societies around the world.

The Chemicals Department is based at our São Paulo headquarters. Taking advantage of MC's global experience and expertise, this department handles a multitude of general chemical operations, including imports, exports, domestic sales, marketing, logistics, and investments. It is active in upstream materials operations, importing methanol from Venezuela for sale in Brazil, and it collaborates with local companies to export ethanol to Japan and other nations. The department deals with plastics, rubber and other downstream functional chemical products, and also has a growing presence in the life sciences, handling agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food additives. It has teamed up with a local partner to launch a fertilizer business.

The Living Essentials Department operates mainly in food, clothing, and materials, areas that directly impact consumers' quality of life. The department's overarching objective is to swiftly grasp consumer needs and meet them with efficient, high-quality goods and services. It is active at every link in the value chain, from the upstream development of raw materials to the midstream purchase of secondary materials, and further still to the direct, downstream sales of finished goods to the consumer. Along this value chain, the department invests in related businesses and provides retail and distribution services covering food, clothing, paper, and wrapping materials. It is based in our São Paulo headquarters. This unit promotes growth in imported and exported food raw materials, industrial textile products, kaolin, wood chips, paper, tires, and other products.

Mitsubishi Corporation do Brasil S.A. has been maximizing its competitive advantages and capabilities to strengthen its business base in Brazil through investments in affiliated companies. We are currently an investor in both MC Coffee do Brasil and Agrex do Brasil, companies that specialize in producing and trading coffee and grains respectively, and we also have a stake in a retailer that specializes in imports and sales of consumer goods.

Our aim is twofold. Firstly, we hope to accelerate these kinds of investments, particularly in the development and upgrade of Brazil's infrastructure, which remains an area of national concern; and secondly, we hope to boost our exports of Brazil's natural resources. Success on both fronts will enable us to play an even more meaningful role in the growth of this key Latin American market.

With the 2016 Olympic Games on the horizon, Brazil is garnering more and more attention from around the world. Working closely with our customers and business partners, we are keen to capture this burgeoning interest and use it to generate the growth of many new businesses. The challenge now will be to meet the diversifying needs of you, our valued customers.

Rest assured, everyone here at Brazil Mitsubishi remains dedicated to meeting that challenge.

Aiichiro Matsunaga
Mitsubishi Corporation do Brasil S.A.