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Chemicals Division

The Chemicals Division handles a wide range of commodity, specialty and functional chemicals.

These include olefines, aromatics, chlor-alkali products, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, catalysts, water treatment chemicals, packaging materials, engineering plastics, titanium dioxide (pigment, nano-particle, photocatalytic grades), manganese products, activated carbon, carbon molecular sieves, iodine and many more.

Its activities cover trading, marketing and distribution of imported products from competitive, stable sources worldwide which include joint-venture companies in oil/gas-producing countries. With value-added service such as logistics, project planning and coordination, financing and equity participation, the experienced professionals of the Chemicals Division can provide significant knowledge to their customers.

A shift in the global economy's center of gravity, the uneven distribution of resources, declining birthrates and aging populations in industrialized nations, and rising interest in the environment and health are some of the social changes shaping our business environment. While maintaining a focus on the role expected of the chemical industry in terms of ensuring a sustainable society, we aim to achieve further growth by strengthening our core businesses and creating new businesses.

For more information about our global Chemicals business, please visit Mitsubishi Corporation's website.