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Shenzhen University Scholarship

Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarship supports outstanding students from Shenzhen University

To promote international and intercultural exchange with foreign countries and to foster the development of talented individuals, Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) has been providing scholarships to outstanding students from Shenzhen University since 2015.

10 excellent students are selected to receive MC Scholarship every year. This incentive reward helps alleviate the financial concerns and enhance the learning effectiveness of the recipients.

Every year a reception is held at Shenzhen University to celebrate and recognize scholarship recipients for their achievements. Participants have the chance to learn about the essence of Japanese enterprises culture, MC's business and MC's special attention to participate in the implementation of social responsibility in the field of developing human resources in Shenzhen area through lively group discussion where they share their hopes and aspirations for the future. We have faith that their strong desire to contribute to the development of the global society will become bridges between Japan and China in the years to come.