Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

― MC’s subsidiary Eneco, a European integrated energy company, was awarded the tender for a large-scale ― MC participated in the BSD City smart city development in suburban Jakarta, Indonesia, and formed a ― The Quellaveco copper project in Peru is on track to start production in 2022.― MC acquired a 30% stake in the Aurukun Bauxite Project in Australia; Bauxite is a raw material source for ・Progress in asset replacement under the Value-Added Cyclical Growth Model― Implemented replacements of power generation and real estate development assets.― Evaluated a companywide list of loss-making businesses and strengthened turnaround and replacement ・Efforts to place the right people at the right jobs; assignment of management personnel to ・HR development for management personnel through reinforced talent management・FY2020 results: 172.6 billion yen, FY2021 forecast: 380 billion yen・Continued to pay progressive dividends under a capital policy based on financial discipline, 10In FY2020, despite the significant impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the MC Group made collective progress on the key issues of Digital Transformation (DX) and Energy Transformation (EX) amid the accelerating shifts toward digitalization and a low/zero carbon society.Business PortfolioGrowth MechanismsHR System ReformsFinancial Targets & Capital Policy・DX/EX progress in Energy & Power segment and “Downstream” areas・Upstream activities connected to the progress of electrification・Progress of DX/EX initiatives to address key future-oriented issues positions well-aligned with their expertisedespite incurring significant impairments― Dividends: FY2020 = 134 yen, FY2021 forecast = 134 yenoffshore wind farm in the Netherlands.partnership to start evaluation of urban city management. lightweight, highly-recyclable aluminum.― Established Industry One, a DX services company, with the NTT Group to deliver DX solutions for industry.― Established a new joint venture with Chubu Electric Power Group, to provide customer-oriented services ― Aims to double renewable power generation capacity by FY2030 relative to FY2019 and achieve 100% as part of Power and Retail DX initiatives.non-fossil fuel power generation by 2050.policies.Changes in the External Environment・Vaccination against COVID-19 has started in earnest worldwide, and the economic environment is on track for a gradual recovery. Digitalization has progressed further due to changes in lifestyles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.・Governments worldwide have declared targets to achieve net-zero GHG emissions, and the shift toward a low/zero carbon society has accelerated.・Geopolitical uncertainty centered around the hegemonic confrontation between the US and China has increased.Progress toward Midterm Corporate Strategy 2021

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