Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

MC is demonstrating its ability to respond to change amid the accelerating shift toward digitalization and a low/zero carbon society accelerates.A unified approach to DX (Digital Transformation) and EX (Energy Transformation)▶Established Industry One with the NTT Group MC and NTT aim to provide DX solutions for Japanese industry by leveraging respective strengths of industrial knowledge and ICT technology expertise.▶Established Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Connect Co., Inc. with the Chubu Electric Power GroupThe company provides solutions for the daily needs and event services of a diverse customer base by integrating strong community connections and digital marketing expertise. Promote DX in a way that is unique to the MC Group by leveraging our knowledge and networks across a wide Promote DX together with EX to reduce food loss and CO2 emissions through greater logistics efficiency.More than 70 other DX projects are underway in addition to the above.Promote Industrial DXPromote Power/Retail DXrange of industries.MC will present its unique optimal solution by the end of this We aim to achieve a balance between improving the sustainable competitiveness of industry and addressing environmental issues through initiatives from the following three perspectives.▶Strengthen efforts in renewable energy projects such as Aim to double renewable power generation capacity: FY2019→FY2030▶Set thermal power divestment targetsAim to reduce existing thermal power capacity and switch to zero-emissionthermal power, targeting 100% non-fossil fuel power generation by 2050.▶Contribute to a stable energy supply and the transition to low/zero carbon thermal powerEstablish a next-generation energy supply chain that includes ammonia and hydrogen, etc.▶Strengthen carbon neutrality initiatives through carbon offshore wind and hydroelectric power generationcapture and utilization/storage (CCU/CCS), etc.fiscal year targeting a carbon-neutral society by 2050.Newly develop renewable energy, as well as other facilities and businesses that avoid generating GHG emissionsReduce GHG emissions from existing facilities and projects, including thermal powerNeutralize remaining GHG emissionsAvoidReduceRemove11Actions to Address “Key Issues for the Future”DX ActionsEX Actions

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