Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

12LNG Canada(Canada)CIMA ENERGY, LP.Oil and Gas Marketing (USA)LNG Liquefaction & Sales Business (USA)Cameron LNGUS-Based Natural Gas Liquefaction and ExportCameron LNG is a project to liquefy and export natural gas produced in the US, where gas supply has grown as a result of shale gas production. The project, which has a capacity to commercially produce 12 million tons of LNG per year, a third of which will be handled by MC, has started commercial operations in August 2019. Supply from Cameron LNG will supplement LNG sources in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, contributing towards stable energy supplies.Natural Gas Development and Production Project (Canada)Montney / Shale Gas DevelopmentShale Gas Development and Production in CanadaMC, in partnership with Ovintiv, is actively engaged in shale gas development at a premier unconventional resource play in Montney, an area well recognized for its massive remaining resources and cost competitiveness. MC will export the gas produced at Montney to markets in East Asia including Japan, through the LNG Canada project in which MC also participates, in addition to marketing the gas locally in North America.VenezuelaOrinoco Heavy Oil Development (Venezuela)Malaysia LNG (Malaysia)Refining & Sale of Natural Gas (Iraq)Basrah Gas CompanyIraq’s First Project for Effectively Utilizing Associated GasBasrah Gas Company refines and sells natural gas in Iraq. Three enterprises have invested in the company, namely MC, South Gas Company and Shell. Since 2013, Basrah Gas Company has been collecting and refining associated gas, as well as selling gas for power generation, LPG and condensates. Basrah Gas Company is providing the country with a stable supply of energy, helping to protect the global environment by collecting associated gas, which was conventionally flared on-site, and shoring up the local economy and post-war reconstruction efforts by creating jobs.Garraf Crude Oil Production (Iraq)Qalhat LNG (Oman)Oman LNG(Oman)Diamond Gas International LNG Sales (Singapore)North West Shelf (NWS) (Australia)MyanmarNatural Gas Production (Myanmar)Brunei LNG(Brunei)Browse LNG (Australia)Wheatstone LNG(Australia)

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