Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

Tangguh LNG(Indonesia)Sakhalin-2(Russia)LNG Liquefaction & Sales Business (Indonesia)Donggi-Senoro LNGFirst All-Asia LNG ProjectThe Donggi-Senoro (DSLNG) Project is the world’s first LNG project to be undertaken exclusively by Asian companies, and without the involvement of major oil and gas companies. Companies from Japan, Indonesia and South Korea are taking part in the project. As the largest shareholder, MC has taken on a leading role in this project, from which production and sales of LNG and associated condensate have been underway since 2015.Asia-Pacific Div.North America Div.New LNG Ventures & Marketing Div.The Natural Gas Group develops its energy businesses in line with the global shift towards a low-carbon/decarbonized society. Natural gas/LNG has a lower environmental impact than other commonly-used hydrocarbon resources, and MC believes that natural gas/LNG is one of the optimal solutions to underpin growth in emerging economies, particularly in Asia. From our LNG facilities in North America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Russia and other regions around the globe, MC provides a stable supply of energy and helps to address environmental challenges such as climate change and air pollution. In addition to expanding our presence across the LNG value chain, we are also taking on new challenges such as opening up new markets in emerging countries and related activities through our subsidiary in Singapore. Furthermore, in an aim to secure supplies of cleaner energy to meet the evolving needs of customers and as part of our efforts to achieve a low-carbon/decarbonized society, we are also focusing our attention on developing hydrogen from natural gas/LNG, as well as on carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies, both of which are expected to be promising methods for reducing emissions.■Brunei Natural Gas Dept. ■Malaysia Natural Gas Dept. ■Indonesia Natural Gas Dept. ■Australia Natural Gas Dept. ■Russia Natural Gas Dept. ■Middle East/Africa Business OfficeNatural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG)■Strategy Planning and Investment Management OfficeNatural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG)■Business Development Dept. ■Delivery Operations Management Dept. ■Global Marketing OfficeNatural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG)13©Sakhalin EnergyNatural Gas Group

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