Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

16Petro-Diamond Inc.Sale of Petroleum Products (USA)Salt Business (Mexico)Exportadora de Sal, S.A. de C.V. (ESSA)World’s Largest Solar Salt OperationA joint venture with the Mexican government, ESSA is the world’s largest solar salt operation, supplying high-quality salt to Japan, the US and other nations. Each year, ESSA’s eco-friendly evaporation of seawater yields 8 million tons of salt (including half of Japan’s imports).C Plastic Trading de MexiiiMexMMC Plastic Trading de MexiconnniiiMxxiding de eeeedddding de Me Me MdddddgggddPlasticTradingdeMexiMMMCPlasticTrMMasticTradingdeMexicoggge Mexicosins ansins anales of Industrial Resins and PVCSales of Indusales of IndusllMethanol Manufacturing & Sales Business (Venezuela)Metanol de Oriente, METOR, S.A. (METOR)A Business Linking Japan and VenezuelaMETOR is a methanol production and sales joint venture with Venezuela’s state-owned petrochemicals firm Pequiven, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical and others. Its second plant began operating in 2010, increasing annual production capacity to 1.6 million tons. METOR is widely symbolic of Japan-Venezuela relations.CGCLManufacturing of Methanol (Trinidad and Tobago)MMGmbHbbGGGGGT EIVICTCTT Europe GIVIGGmbHGmbHHHHCT ECTTTpuropeopembEurChehecals Bsiness (Germany)cals Busihemicalsls Busi))Petrochemical Products Sales & Production Business (Saudi Arabia)SHARQOne of the World’s Largest Petrochemicals ProjectsSHARQ was established in 1981 by SPDC Ltd. (in which MC is an investor) and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation. Three expansions later, it is now one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, selling polyethylene and ethylene glycol to customers all over the world.LPG Import & Sales Business (Japan)Astomos Energy CorporationOne of the World’s Largest LPG PlayersMC Group company Mitsubishi Liquefied Petroleum Gas Co. and Idemitsu Kosan Group company Idemitsu Gas and Life Co., Ltd. came together to form Astomos Energy Corporation in 2006. Astomos is among the world’s largest enterprises specializing in LPG, and handles approximately 25% of Japan’s demand for the fuel. The company is also engaged in electricity retailing and promoting greater proliferation of residential fuel cells and high-efficiency water boilers.(((CT (Gangzhohou) Co., Ltd.IVICT (Guan) Co.,hoCT (Guangou) Co., LtdauuuGGGCTTT.,Ltd.ou)Co.,LtdhhhngznnIVICT(Guagemicmicamicaiials Busineness (China)emicalnessssss (ChinChemicals (ChinailaIVICT (Thailand) Company LimitedteditedThailand) Co(ailap)CoCCdmpany LimiteeetiiieiteddddddCIVICTThailand) CohailhTTTodnemicalsChemicals Business (Thailand)emicals Thai Shinkong Industry Corporation Ltd.ndustndustThled PManufacturing of Recycled PET Resins (Thailand)led PIVICT Singapore Pte. Ltd.CT Singapore PtetSingapore Pte. Ltd.e. Ltd.Ltd.TSiChemicals Business (Singapore)ore)ore)ingaporePtePtPtttPPPETPETIVICT (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.IVICT (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.emChemicals Business (China)mCheChenndd(Mexico)

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