Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

18Copper Business (Chile)Anglo American SurA World-Class Copper AssetAnglo American Sur holds a significant portfolio of copper assets in Chile, including the Los Bronces mine, the El Soldado mine, the Chagres smelter and large-scale prospective exploration properties. They currently produce approximately 370 kilotonnes of copper per annum.COre CooOOC (Iron Ore Company oIOC (Iron Ore Company of Canada)aaan Ore CompanOC (Iron Ore Company of Canada(Iron Ore Company of Canada)IOC(IronOreCompanyofCannnronOreCompanyofCanada)ofCanadoreComeCompn Ore CompanypaaaIron Ore (Canada)Copper Business (Peru)QuellavecoA World Class Copper ProjectQuellaveco is one of the world’s largest new copper deposits, with high cost competitiveness and containing approximately 7.5 million tonnes (content metal basis) of copper in ore reserves. Development of the project commenced in August 2018, with the estimated first copper production in 2022.AntaminananaaaaataminnnAntamiaAntamiCopper (Peru)))CMP Iron Ore (ChChile)bresresLos PelambesrLosPelambeos PelamblPeCAP S. A.ron Ore (Chile)(ChOre(COre(CCoppppCCopper (Chile) IroroCopper Business (Chile)EscondidaWorld’s Largest Copper MineEscondida is the largest copper mine in the world by production. The first shipment of copper concentrate from Escondida took place in 1990. Following subsequent expansion phases, the nominal production capacity of Escondida is 1.2 million tons per annum of copper concentrate and copper cathode. The size of Escondida’s copper reserve and its cost competitiveness make it one of the world’s prime mines.Mozal l Sal SSSozalllMozaMetals Futures Trading (UK)Triland Metals Ltd.Long-standing Dealing Member of the LME (London Metal Exchange)Established in 1971, Triland Metals continues to offer hedging solutions against the risk of price volatility in the metals commodity market to customers around the globe. Today, the company's market-making and brokerage services along with its strong customer base are complementing and adding value to MC's mineral resources trading business.Mineral Resources Trading (Singapore)Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International Pte. Ltd. (RtMI)Global Mineral Resources TradingMC established Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International Pte. Ltd. (RtMI) in April 2013 as a global mineral resources trading hub. Based in Singapore, which is renowned for its extensive network of commodity players and access to international trading talent and market intelligence, RtMI strives to meet diversifying customer needs and capture demand in growing markets, particularly in Asia. In April 2020, RtMI established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Mitsubishi Corporation RtM China Ltd., in Shanghai to strengthen its trading activities in China.S. A..A.Anum SmelteltingAluminAluminueltiingting (MozambMozambique)MozambMitsubishi Corporation RtM China Ltd.Mitsubishi Corporation RtM China Ltd.MRMineral RMineral Resources Trading (China)Mineral Mineral

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