Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

20MC has joint ventures with SBM Offshore, a global leader in the FPSO sector, for the charter, operation and maintenance of FPSO units for ultra-deep water oil and gas developments, which are chartered by Petrobras, the national oil company of Brazil. Three FPSOs are each in service on a 20-year term with a production capacity of around 150,000 bbl/day.FPSO Chartering Business (Brazil)FPSO Charter, Operation, and Maintenance for Ultra-Deepwater Oil FieldsMC Machinery Systems responds to manufacturing industry needs by concentrating its efforts in the distribution business of electric discharge machines, laser processing machines and other machine tools. Within the Americas, MC Machinery Systems mainly operates the US, Canada and Mexico.MC Machinery Systems, Inc. (USA)Development of Machine Tools Distribution Business in the AmericasSince its establishment in 2012, Mitsubishi Elevator India has developed its business of selling and maintaining elevators in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Mitsubishi Elevator India rolled out a new factory in 2016 and started local production with the aim of further expanding its business in India’s elevator market.Mitsubishi Elevator India Pvt. Ltd. (India)Company that Produces, Sells & Maintains Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s Elevators in IndiaMPiPPipe MPippManufacturing Plantppanufacturing PlanufacturingPlaneiiiMePPPPPPMMManufacturingPlantPPPPPPituringPlantpManufacturinggCConstruction (Russia)CPiCalik EnerjijjjjjCalik EnerjiInfrasure BuBusiness BustructustructunfrnfrInfrasInfrastr(TurkTTrkerkkey)keMC continues to support the maritime industry by leveraging its ship owning & chartering business to further develop global transportation logistics.Ship Owning & Chartering Business Full-Scale Development of Ship Owning & Chartering BusinessUpon establishing a consortium with Gap Insaat, a subsidiary of Calik Holding in Turkey, we now work together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering to design and construct ammonia and urea fertilizer plants. We use EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) as a means to promote national development and help our customers’ companies grow.r Pllantlizelizer Pizer PaalanlanlantllPlanPPrzzziiiiiirrFaPeeeeellllllttttiiiFertitilrtirtileeCCCoonstructition (Uzbekistan)tronstructiHot Strip MillConstruction (India)struction (India)nstruction (India)Fertilizer Plant Construction (Turkmenistan)Design & Construction of Ammonia & Urea Fertilizer PlantsReeceivingLNG ReceivingeLNG Receivingl l BusinessserminausinessalTerminaTeTerminaerminaTeTeTeenmmmrrrTTeTerminalBusineiiBusiniiaaaalllaal (Bladesesh)es(Bangla(Bangla©SBM Offshore

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