Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

oiT22DeMexicos.Dsuzu MotttrsstorrIsuzu Motors De Mexico s. De R.Licos.DeR.LRRRRzuMMDsuzu Motorss De Mexico s. Desuzu MotorIIIDeMexicos.DeR.LssorrrooiAssembly & Distribution of Automobilessemblyly & D& Distribly && Distribsemblytribstrib(Mexico)RReMexicosDeRRRRThe Colt Car Company Ltd.Distribution of Automobiles (UK)Spitalgate Dealer Services Ltd.Automobile Finance (UK)Business in IndiaAutomobile Production & Sales in India, and Exports Business to Surrounding CountriesMMC Rus LLC.DistributioDistribution of Automobiles (Russia)DistributioJJSJJJJJJSC Bank RusC BC Bank RusBBSC MCAutomobile Finance (Russia)AutomAutomC MCBankRBBMBaBBBankRzuSalesDeutschSales Deutschlandnd GndesDeutomutomAAIn 2012, we established Isuzu Motors India (IMI), and began sales of Isuzu pickup trucks in India. In 2016, IMI commenced production at its factory in the state of Andhra Pradesh in southern India, and we are now proceeding with the full-scale business development. In recent years, IMI has also been exporting Isuzu pickup trucks produced in India to surrounding countries such as Nepal and Bhutan.mbGmbmbHbIsuzu Sales Deutschland GmbbbbbGddddddHbbbsuzu Sales Deutschland GmmmnnnIsuzuSalesDeutschlaGermGermny)nDistribution of Automobiles (GermanaCCEMCCaGmbhmbhmbhhank GmbhhhhmmmbbBCE Bank GCCCE Bank GEBankMobileobiile bile FFFFinancAutomobile Finance (Germany)nyny))))ny)ny)FinancAstaraaraa Mobility, Sara Mobility, S.L.L.L.litiliaastraMobility,S.rraa.LLAADistribution of Automobiles (Spain)ribution of Aribution of AAutoAutoDistDistpaipai)obbbLLC AutospotOnline automotive-sales website (Russia)Russia)Russia)LLC MC Intermark Autoet management (Russia)Automobile fleet managemenet managementaMMC UainC Ukrairaaine LLCMMCUkraaeiaaaaineLLC.C.e LLCCDistribuDistribution of Automobileson of AutomoDistributon of Automo(Ukraine)ainaine)e)In 1970, PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB) was established in Indonesia as the general agent for sales and imports of Mitsubishi Motors and Mitsubishi Fuso products, and has been developing the automotive business for around half a century. In April 2017, KTB business was restructured and divided by brands, so as to establish a stable value chain in terms of production, sales, automobile finance, after- sales services, and used vehicle sales, centered on PT. Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) and KTB, which handle Mitsubishi Motors products and Mitsubishi Fuso products respectively.Business in IndonesiaDeveloping Automotive Business Value ChainWe began importing and selling Isuzu Motors vehicles in Thailand in 1957. In 1974, we established Tri Petch Isuzu Sales (TIS) as a distributor to handle overall sales of Isuzu Motors vehicles within Thailand. Exports of Isuzu vehicles produced in Thailand started in 2003, and today we export to over 100 countries worldwide. As a distributor, TIS forms the core of wide-ranging operations, including sales, automobile financing and after-sales services, and has built Isuzu into a leading brand in the commercial vehicle market.GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co., Ltd. shi Motors Co., LtrMMMiiihhhishiMotorsCo.,Ltd.ooCCCorsoooosubistsubishiMotorsCo.,LLLtorsCo.,Ltshi Motors Co., LtGAC Mitsubishi Motors Co., Ltdittoooooob)Production & Sales of Automobiles (China))atttSSS Automoobile Solutions PrivatetomobileSolutionsPrivatS Automobile SooooouuudSolutions Private LimititediteddetmobileSolutionsPrivateLimiS AutomoSVSVSSSVSS Automobile SSSSSSSmmAAAVoooooAbileSolutioeSolutionsPrivateiitLiilSltiAutomobile after-sales (Indiaia)ia)Pirsrss Malaysia SssrsMalaysiaSDrrMitsubishi Motors Malaysia SDN. BHD.DDBHNNitsubishi Motors Malaysia SDN. BHD.MitsubishiMotorsMalaysiaSDN.BHDNNDistribution of Automobiles (Malaysia)aysia)aysia)Isuzu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.ddhhysia Sdn. Bhdddsuzu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd..hhhIsuzuMalaysiaSdn.BhdddDistribution of Automobiles (Malaysia)aaiaSdn.BBusiness in ThailandAutomobile Sales in Thai Market and Global Exports BusinessHongling FinancialLeasing Co., Ltd.Automobile Finance (China)Cars Myanmar Ltd..MCarsMyanmarLMMM Cars Myanmar Ltd..MM Cars Myanmar Ltd.MMMarsMyanmarLtdDisstribution of Automobbibbutionomobilesstribution of Automobssbution(MyaanmaanyaMyamar)mar))Mitsubishi MotorsMoMotssoootooMitsubishiMbishi Motorsitsubishi MotorMMMitsubishMMMitbihio., Lo., L,oooVietnam Co., Ltd...ietnam Co., Ltd...dietnam Co., LtL.VietnamCoooAssembly & Saley&bly & Sably & Sa& S& SutoAutomobilesof AutomobilesutomoAutomobiles(Vietetnam)etn

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