Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

■ASEAN Automotive Dept. ■North Asia Automotive Dept. ■Europe, Russia & America Automotive Dept. ■Automotive Finance & Retail Dept.Overseas local production and sales business/ Overseas automobile finance, after-sales service and other related businesses/ Automobile exports (finished vehicles, assembly and spare parts)■Isuzu ASEAN Dept. ■Isuzu Oceania, Europe & Americas Dept. ■Isuzu India & Middle East Dept. Overseas local production and sales business/ Overseas automobile finance, after-sales service and other related businesses/ Automobile exports (finished vehicles, assembly and spare parts)■Mobility Service Dept. ■Automotive Retail Service Dept. Mobility service business/ Retail service businessIsuzu Philippines CorporationAssembly & Distribution of Automobiles (Philippines)Mitsubishi Motors CorporationSales & Manufacturing of Automobiles & Components (Japan)In 1994, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV), initially founded by Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, and other local partners, was established as one of the first four authorized automotive manufacturers in the country. For more than a quarter of a century, MMV has developed its automobile production and sales business, and in the past the company used to handle Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation products. MMV centralized its resources to Mitsubishi Motors business in 2014 and has welcomed additional capital from both Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation in 2016. Now, Vietnam stands as one of the core markets for the Mitsubishi brand. In recent years, supported by economic and motorization growth, MMV is seeking to expand its sales and profits with its newly introduced locally assembled models.Business in VietnamDeveloping Automobile Production & SalesNext Mobility Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 as a joint venture with Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. The company operates its AI-controlled on-demand bus service "Knowroute" while providing local public transportation solutions for transportation operators and municipalities throughout Japan. In 2019, Spare Technology Solutions Inc. was established as a joint venture with Spare Labs Inc. in Canada. The company helps implement on-demand bus systems in a wide range of fields including public transportation. Through these two companies, we strive to resolve mobility-related issues for transportation operators and local communities.ISUZU UTE Australia (IUA) was established in 2008 and began sales of Isuzu pickup trucks and SUVs in Australia. Since its establishment, IUA has steadily expanded sales by implementing marketing strategies geared toward the needs of the Australian market and achieved a cumulative sales volume of 200,000 vehicles at the end of February 2021. IUA will strive to further enhance the Isuzu brand while working to accelerate the business by expanding the sales of its all-new pickup truck launched in September 2020.On-demand Bus OperationSupporting the Introduction and Operation of On-demand Bus ServicesBusiness in AustraliaDistribution of Automobiles Automotive Business Div.Isuzu Business Div.Mobility Business Div.The Automotive & Mobility Group has developed a global value chain spanning the production, sales, distribution, financing and after-sales services of passenger and commercial vehicles, with a focus on the ASEAN region. To date, we have developed our business in tandem with the expansion of Japanese car manufacturers into overseas markets, and one of our missions, particularly in the field of sales, has been to grasp highly-localized customer needs and reflect them in product specifications, quality improvements and after-sales services to enhance product appeal and brand loyalty. We are also seizing opportunities around the shifts towards digitization and CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared/Service and Electric), strengthening our businesses anchored on long-developed functions and extensive local networks, as well as addressing societal needs by spearheading new mobility service solutions to support the efficient movement of passengers and cargo. In addition, we aim to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon, sustainable, and energy-efficient society through the proliferation of eco-friendly electric vehicles.23Automotive & Mobility Group

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