Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

gU24Agrex Inc.Grains & Oilseeds (USA)Indiana Packers CorporationMeat (USA)Coffee Plantation (Brazil)Ipanema Coffees One of the World’s Largest Coffee PlantationsIpanema Plantation produces about 9,200 tons (1 billion cups) of coffee per year. The plantation produces high-quality specialty coffee which has been certified by organizations in the U.S. and Europe for sound social and environmental practices. MC acquired a stake in 2012 and has been focused on further mechanizing and streamlining cultivation and harvesting practices in order to secure a stable supply of high-quality coffee.ds Inc.TH Foods Inc.Rice Crackers (USA))Mitsubishi Iushi International Food IngredientsssssternationalFoodIngredientishi International Food Ingredients, Inc.ishiInternationalFoodIngreditsubd Ingredients,bishi InshishiiiInternationalFoodIngredients,Inc.IIhhhhhMMiiitbiernationalFoodIngredieiationalFoodIngredFood Scd Scd Science (USA)FUJIFUJIJIFILM Diosynth BiotechnologUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies U.S.A., Inc.JJIFUUIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies U.S.ALM Diosynth Biotechnologies U.S.A., Inc.Biopharmaceuticals (USA)BBSesaco Corporationsaco CorporationSSSsaco Corporatiopesaco CorporationeetionnnacoCorporatioSeSeSSSeiesame (USA)SesesFood & Drink Supplier (UK)Princes Limited Leading UK-Based Food and Drink SupplierPrinces has grown sales in the UK grocery market import and distribution of branded and private label products, including ambient foods and drink products. With popular brands in the UK such as Princes and Napolina, the company also operates in the continental European market.through the manufacture, S.A.grex do Brasil S.A.Aerials, Agrex do Brasil SSAgrexdoBraAgrexdoBrasiAgricultural MatererGrains & Oilseedededs (Brazil)Food Materials Business (Singapore)Olam International Limited Global Food & Agri-businessOlam International is a leading food and agri-business company, which has built leadership positions in various categories such as cocoa, coffee, cotton, edible nuts and spices.Its value chain spans over 60 countries and includes farming, a sourcing network of an estimated five million farmers, trading, distribution and processing. Olam has established a business model that puts sustainability at the heart of its operations, and aims to address the challenges involved in meeting the needs of a growing global population, while achieving positive impact for farming communities and all their key stakeholders. MC concluded a business alliance agreement with Olam in 2015.Salmon Farming Business (Norway)Cermaq Group AS Supplies Safe & Secure Farmed Salmon Worldwide largest salmon The third (including coho) farming, processing and sales company in the world, Cermaq produces salmon in Norway, Chile and Canada for a total production quantity of around 180 thousand metric tons per year. Cermaq became a subsidiary of MC in 2014 and supplies sustainable safe and secure farmed salmon to consumers around the world.sia Modified Starch CoAsia Modified Starch Co., LLtd.LStarch Co.,diaModifiedStAsiaModifiedStarchCo.AsiaModifiedStarchCo.LLLdtpioca Starch (Thailanddndd)d)Nissin Foods ThailandddNissin Foods ThailanddddlandndndNissinFoodsThaitant Noodles (Thailand)d)dddd)d)aarchandise Co., Ltd. Dia MercMercandise Co., LtdiaiDDia MMerMMDDehandiseCo.,Ltd.diseCo.,LtdeiseCo.,Ltse Co.,eiaWholesale of Food Products (Thailand)oodoodd)d)Asian Best Chicken Co., Ltd.LtLtdAsianBestChickenCo.,Ltd Chicken (Thailand)sian Best Chicken Co., LtdttianBestChickenCo.,Ltd.LLKewpie Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Condiments (Malaysia)a)a)sisiOriental Coffee Alliance Sdn. Bhd.Coffee (Malaysia)a)a)Dan Kaffe Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Coffee (Malaysia)TappInsttofFofFhThTThlanlanyang Huamei FoodShenyang Huamei Food Co., Ltd.ngHuameinyang Huamei Foodenyang Huamei Food Cang HuagyyyangHuameiFdCo.,LtdShenyang Huamei Food Co., LtdS.,Ltd.dduamei FooddooehenyangHuameiFoodCo.,LgHuameiChicken (China)ChickChickAgrex (Beijing) Co., Ltd.Grains & Oilseeds (China)gng g DalingggZhejiang Daling Seafood Co., Ltd.Zhejiang Daling Seafood Co., Ltd.MMarine Products (China)MimitedmiteeevvvrrrPPPop Scieiiie Private LimitCO-MCC Crop Science ePrivaMMMMMMMpSIFFCO-MCCO-MCCO--MMCMCopiropScienieddeC CrCCCCCCCCCOOOOOCCCC Crop Science IFFeeeePrivae PrivateePrivateaatttteLimiiimmLiPPii--Agrochchhemicals (Ils (India)ls (Iiiee CCmicals(Deccanann Fine n Fine Chemicals (nnnFFnnnnnnmicalsdD((IndiaDCeeennn Fine ChemChemChemicals(ndia)ndia)aaaaaaammmmmhh) Ltd.dddiiiLtd.dddii(((nnnIaaeeellliiiteials (India)Agrochemicals (Inals (InAgAg FodsIndo Ndo Nissin FoFoododsoooiodooissin FFFniInstant Noodles (Inndia)nIddimiteuvialuvia LimiteditttimitedddeeedddeeiiiLllLluviaLiiaLimFlour Milling &ling&ling & &Milling &Milling e ProductststsCoffee Pe P (Myanmar)Yamazaki IndonesiaBaked Products (Indonesia)Ichi Tan IndonesiaBeverages (Indonesia)Kewpie IndonesiaCondiments (Indonesia)Nissin Foods Indonesia Instant Noodles (Indonesia)Elleair International Manufacturing/Trading IndonesiaElleair International Manufacturing/Trading IndonesiaDisposable Diapers (Indonesia)Kaneka Foods Indonesia Processed Oils & Fats (Indonesia)Emina Cheese Indonesia Cheese (Indonesia)aaKewpie Vietnam mmamamaaKewpieViKKewpie VietnaaaaatnammmmmnnKKKewpieVieKKiViCo., Ltd.CCCo., LtdCCo.,Ltd.CCondiments (Vietnam)namtnamnanntnetnts ts Nissin Foods Singaporeds Sids SiggSingapnaaoreSSssdddiissin Foods SingaarrrNissinFoodsSingapoooissinFoodsSingaporeaporeeeooodddoodsSingapggInstant Noodles ooodlesoodles dlesdles(Singapapore)apogapore)gapore)Agrex Asia Pte Ltd..LtLtLLPte LPte LtrexAgrex Asiaa Pte Lttssedddeee..LLLPPPiiiAgrex AsiaAgrexAsiaPteLtdddAgrexAsiaPteeeggggggttAPPPieGrains & Oilseeds ssssns&Oains&OOOseedsseeds(Singapore)opap(Sing(Singa

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