Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

■Bio- Fine Chemicals Dept. ■Food Ingredients Dept. Pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates; agrochemical raw materials, intermediates and products; cosmetic raw materials; food ingredients and formulas (food science products); health ingredients and products (health science products); starches and starched products■Grain, Oilseeds, and Feed Materials Dept. ■Sugar & Wheat Flour Dept.Corn, milo, wheat, barley, pearled barley, brown buckwheat, soybean, rapeseed, compound feed materials, wheat flour, sugar, etc.■Produce & Marine Products Dept. Marine products (tuna, salmon, trout, shrimp, etc.), processed seafood products, rice, fresh produce, etc.■Global Consumer Products Dept.Processed foods, confectioneries, beverages, canned goods, instant noodles, seasonings, coffee, cocoa, confectionary ingredients, sesame seeds, edible nuts, spices, dried vegetables, oils and fats, oil and fat products and other daily necessitiesZM Crop Protection Corporation Agrochemicals (Japan)BML Life Science Holdings, Inc. Food Inspection & Clinical Trial Support (Japan)Dai-Nippon Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd. Sugar Manufacturing (Japan)Nitto Fuji Flour Milling Co., Ltd.Flour Milling (Japan)Nihon Shokuhin Kako Co., Ltd. Starches & Sweeteners (Japan)The Mitsuhashi Inc.Rice (Japan)Toyo Reizo Co., Ltd.Marine Products (Japan)Foodlink Corporation Meat & Processed Meat Products (Japan)Itoham Yonekyu Holdings Inc. nntoham Yonekyu Holdings Inc.nnItohamYonekyuHoldingsIMeat & Processed Meat Products (Japan)Japan Farm Holdings Inc. Meat & Processed Meat Products (Japan)Salad Club, Inc. Packaged Salad (Japan)MC Produce Co., Ltd.Fruits & Vegetables (Japan)JCC Co., Ltd. Cheese (Japan)KFC KFC ssngingsgsgggggs Japan LtdKFC Holdings Japan Ltd.C HoldCCggggiFCHFFKKKldingsJapanLtd.oldingsJapanLtdnWaterCterCeeCCCaWatereetllllllInc.IICell Inc. CCllIllINosan Corporationosan CorporationNosan CorrrorporatioNNosan CornnrrrrooCCCooNNNanCorporatioosanCorporati Livestock Feed (Japan)veveLiLivvvdC Agri Alliance Ltd. MCMCC Agri Alliance LtdMMAgriAllianceLtdCoffee, Cocoa, Sesame (Japan))n)CCAgri Alliance Ltd.RorporatioMRSS S CorpS CorporationMRSSCorporationiUltra Low Temperature Carrier Vessels Operator (Japan)uuaichiCo.,LtMaruicuicCo., Ltdh.,Ltd.uichi Co., Ltd.MarichiCo.,Ltd Wholesale of Food Products (Japan)iiroducts Solutions Co., Ltd. yDairy ProdrodDairyProductsSolutionsCo.,LtdDairyPaitsSolutionsCo.,Ltd.oducts SolutionsooooSolutions Co., Ltdi&&MeFood Service (Japan)Agricultural Support Information Service (Japan)cucugrgrAAgTTTeTeTTdduCheese (Japan)nnFood Science (Japan)Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Limited Healthy, Safe, Secure & DeliciousMitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences is a food ingredients manufacturer that promotes food and health. The company helps develop an assortment of foods and meals by leveraging the strengths of life science technologies, and is constantly working towards making a positive contribution to the creation of a healthy and fun food culture, one that’s puts a smile on the faces of consumers around the world.s Cos CoooooCCCRiverina (Australia) Pty., Ltd.Livestock Feed, Grains & Oilseeds (Australia)CaCaFood Sciences Div.Food Resources Div.Produce & Marine Products Div.Global Fast Moving Consumer Goods Div.Developing Markets Office Livestock, Meat & Dairy Products Dept.The Food Industry Group is engaged in businesses that deliver food-related products to consumers all over the world. Our operations cover food resources, fresh foods, consumer products, food ingredients and other products. We are active in every link of the supply chain, from the production and sourcing of raw materials to the manufacturing of finished products. Our mission is to deliver a stable supply of goods and services that meet the needs of consumers and provide them with a quality of life that is both rich and full of variety. We are also actively working to provide solutions to an array of social issues across our supply chains. Recognizing our responsibility to meet and exceed health and environmental standards, we undertake businesses that prioritize consumer safety and security, and by doing so, we provide the kind of value that is sought by society. We are firmly committed to realizing a stable and sustainable supply model by laterally developing quality products and services in markets across the globe, creating new growth opportunities, flexibly responding to economic and industrial changes, and becoming an increasingly competitive player in the foods sector.Promotion of manufacturing and sales related to daily necessities in developing countriesChicken, pork, beef, processed foods, cheese, dairy products, etc.25Food Industry Group

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