Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

Toyo Tire Corporation Tire & Automotive Components Business (Japan)Car Frontier Co., Ltd. Car Maintenance E-Commerce/Network Business (Japan)BEAD Inc. Tire E-Commerce Business (Japan)Life Corporation Supermarkets (Japan)MC Data Plus, Inc. Cloud Services, Big Data Analytics Services, etc. (Japan)Loyalty Marketing, Inc. Coalition Loyalty Program (Japan)Transaction Media Networks Inc. Electronic Payment Services (Japan)Cookpad TV Cooking Video Business (Japan)GOURMET DELICA Production & Sale of Rice Balls, Bento & Prepared Food (Japan)LIFE GEAR CORPORATION Footwear (Japan)Mitsubishi Corporation Packaging Ltd. Packaging Materials & Machinery, Paper Products (Japan)Nippon Care Supply Co., Ltd. Rental and Wholesale of Long-Term Care Equipment (Japan)Kanro Inc. Manufacture and Sale of Confections and Food (Japan)Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd.Ship Owning and Management (Japan)Food Products Distribution Business (Japan)Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd. Top Share of Japan’s Food Products Distribution BusinessMitsubishi Shokuhin’s core business is the global wholesale of processed, frozen and chilled foods, alcoholic beverages and confectionaries. This one-stop-shop for Japan’s retailers and restaurateurs is revolutionizing foods distribution, enriching food culture and supporting diverse lifestyles.Apparel & Lifestyle/Fashion Accessories (Japan)Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Co., Ltd.Fabless Manufacturer in the Field of LifestyleMitsubishi Corporation Fashion strives to create a sustainable society that is both generous and friendly to the global environment. In addition to procuring products for all aspects of our lifestyles, ranging from clothing to fashion accessories, household goods, furniture, and footwear, we also promote valuable services utilizing recycling, logistics, and digital technologies.Hospital Management Solutions, Medication & Medical Equipment (Japan)MC Healthcare, Inc.Serving as a Partner in Hospital Management to Support the Frontlines of HealthcareJapan’s aging society and the consequent surge in medical costs are just a few of the many challenges that ought to be resolved in the country’s healthcare sector.MC Healthcare’s main business activities include goods management/procurement aid for items such as medical supplies, joint purchasing and comprehensive procurement/maintenance services for medical equipment. Through its activities, MC Healthcare helps to streamline healthcare facility operations on a daily basis so that frontline healthcare workers can spend more time caring for their patients. The company also imports and sells advanced medical equipment through its subsidiaries MC Medical and Japan Medicalnext.Retail Div.Apparel & S.P.A. Div. Healthcare Div.Logistics & Food Distribution Div.Tire Dept. The Consumer Industry Group strives to optimize supply chains and generate new demand by integrating real and digital business models to gain an accurate understanding of the increasingly diversified and fragmented needs of consumers in sectors such as retail, apparel, SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel), healthcare, tires, food distribution and logistics. At the same time, we are also working to address a wide variety of social and environmental challenges through our supply chains.■Food Retail Dept. ■Consumer Marketing Dept.Retail business, point-based loyalty programs, payment-related services, data-driven marketing, digital advertising sales promotion, etc.■Apparel Dept. ■S.P.A. Manufacturing Dept. Clothing, fashion accessories and houseware, footwear, marketing services, etc.■Healthcare Dept. Medical equipment, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, solutions for medical institutions, long-term care equipment, apps for nursing care operators, food services for hospitals■Logistics Business Dept. ■Food Distribution Dept. ■Paper & Packaging Dept.■Consumer Goods SCM Project Office Global contract logistics services, reinsurance business, food disribution (processed foods, chilled foods, confectionary, liquor), packaging materials and machinery, containerboard base paper, containerboard products and new business developmentManufacturing and sale of tires (wholesale, retail, e-commerce), intermediary trade and domestic trade of tires27Consumer Industry Group

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