Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

28DGC was founded in 1999 to oversee MC’s electric power businesses in the Americas, such as power generation, distributed power generation and energy trading. DGC focuses on developing and promoting renewable energy to help realize a decarbonized society, and as of late March 2021, DGC holds approximately 3,500 MW of power generation assets on an equity basis.Diamond Generating Corporation (DGC) (USA)Developing Power Businesses in the AmericasNexamp, Inc.Distributed Solar Power Business (USA)Boston Energy Trading and Marketing LLCEnergy Trading & Marketing Business (USA)ElectroRoute engages in spot, futures, international and other forms of trade in the liberalized European energy market. The company functions as a comprehensive service provider, offering energy-trade support to power producers, consumers and retailers. ElectroRoute is also expanding its operations in Japan, where deregulation of the power market is progressing.Aguas CAP Water Business (Chile)South Staffordshire Plc (UK)Developing waterworks business in the UKSouth Staffordshire supplies water to 1.7 million people in the Birmingham suburbs and Cambridge regions of the UK. With more than 30 domestic offices, it also operates customer service businesses as well as a technology services business servicing other water supply and sewage companies, and other industrial customers across the UK.ElectroRoute Holdings Limited (Ireland) Energy trading and service business in Europe and JapanDiamond Generating Europe Limited (DGE)Power Generation Business (UK)Diamond Transmission Corporation Limited (DTC)Power Transmission Business (UK)Bboxx Limited Distributed Power Supply Business (UK)OVO Group Limited Electricity and Gas Retail Business (UK)Eneco Group N.V. (Netherlands) Developing Integrated Energy Businesses in EuropeWith a focus on the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Eneco is developing its power generation business, with renewable energy at its core, as well as its electricity / gas trading, electricity / gas retail and district heating supply businesses. Umm Al Houl Power Company (Qatar)Commencement of Gas-Fired Power Generation & Desalination Project in QatarMetito Holdings Limited Water Business (UAE)The gas-fired power generation and desalination project in Qatar began commercial operation in 2018, and is scheduled to provide the country with electricity and water for 25 years. This project will help MC provide Qatar with a stable supply of electricity and water, and shore up MC’s efforts in its global power generation and fresh water businesses in response to growing demand around the globe.Diamond Generating Asia, Limited (DGA)(Hong Kong) Developing Power Businesses in Asia, Oceania and the Middle EastEstablished in 2009, DGA serves as a base for MC’s electric power businesses in Southeast Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. The company aims to expand its power generation business in the region, which is showing steady signs of growth in demand for electricity. As of late March 2021, DGA holds approximately 1,690 MW of power generation assets on an equity basis.

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