Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

Lithium Energy Japan develops, manufactures and sells large-capacity, high-performance lithium-ion batteries. In addition to being used in Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s plug-in hybrids Outlander and Eclipse Cross, the batteries are also being utilized in power storage applications.MC Retail Energy Co., Ltd. (Machi-Ene) Power Retail Business (Japan)Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Connect, Inc. Business Related to Providing Assisted-Living Services (Japan)Swing Corporation Water Business (Japan)HomeServe Japan Corporation Solutions Business Relating to Lifestyle Infrastructure (Japan)Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions mainly strives its power generation business in Japan, which as of late March 2021, holds approximately 690 MW of power generation assets on an equity develop and manage The company will continue to develop its power generation business, centering around renewable energy with the aim of realizing a decarbonized society, while also providing solutions for energy cost reductions and decarbonization to customers, with a focus on industrial consumers.Lithium Energy Japan (Japan) Develops Manufacturing Business for Large-Capacity Lithium-Ion BatteriesMitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions Ltd. (Japan) Developing power generation business in Japan* Eneco is an integrated energy company based in the NetherlandsInternational Power Div.Energy Service Solution Div.■Strategy & Planning Office ■Battery Business Dept. Utility Retail Div.Eneco OfficeThe Power Solution Group consists of three divisions and one office, namely the International Power Division, the Energy Service Solution Division, the Utility Retail Division and the Eneco* Office. We conduct a variety of initiatives including water businesses to meet diversifying utility needs, with a focus on businesses related to power generation (supply-side) and energy services (demand-side) both in Japan and overseas. Some of our main initiatives include our renewable energy business that contributes significantly to the decarbonization of society, new businesses in the electric power sector that utilize distributed solar and other forms of power generation, our lithium-ion battery business, which is essential for the proliferation of electric vehicles, and our energy storage business that utilizes those batteries. By combining low-emission power sources, such as renewable energy, with digital technologies, we not only contribute to the stable supply of electricity, but also provide new added value to customers, such as supply and demand adjustment. We are also conducting initiatives in the field of hydrogen, which is expected to play a role as next-generation fuel. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable low-carbon/decarbonized society while raising our corporate value. ■Strategy & Planning Office ■International Utility Dept.Overseas power generation & transmission business, power trading business, overseas distributed power supply business, overseas water business, hydrogen business■Renewable Energy Solution OfficeDomestic power generation business, domestic EPC trading business, lithium-ion battery (LiB)-related business■Strategy & Planning Office ■Utility Service Dept. ■Energy Service DX Office Power trading business, power retail business, domestic water businessPower & gas trading and retail business, power generation business, and district heating business by Eneco in the Netherlands29Power Solution Group

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