Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

gtS30(UPrivate Equity Business (USA)One Rock Capital Partners US-Based Buyout Fund Targeting Mid-Cap Companies Mainly in North AmericaOne Rock Capital Partners is a buyout fund management firm that targets medium-sized companies in North America. By leveraging the cross-industry network and expertise of former Ripplewood fund managers and the MC Group, One Rock Capital Partners helps add long-term corporate value to its portfolio companies.Aviaviation(AMCK AviaAviation (viation(US)K AvK AviCK AviaaaaatttiiiiinnnAMCKAviaaaoooA(US)(US))))(((UUUSSS)AAAoooitiivvvAAAAKKKAircraft Leaseasing (USA)easdealtyaDiamondd RealtydddoaRDiamoReiamonddltDiamonyaiManagement Amerrica Inc.anagementicaInc.rrrrManagementAmeigement AmeaManagementAmaReal Estate InveststmentstFund Management (U(USA)Real Estate Investment (USA)DIAMOND REALTY INVESTMENTS, INC. (DRI) Real Estate Investment Company with Proven Track RecordsDIAMOND REALTY INVESTMENTS (DRI) is an investment company which specializes in the development of multifamily, student housing, industrial, and healthcare real estate throughout the US, the largest real estate market in the world. Since the early 1990s, DRI has invested in more than around 170 projects with a total development cost surpassing US$ 9.7 billion.Pannama Metroama Meoetronama MetrooootttrrooMeannnPamaaPmaM(Pananama)anUrban Development Business (Singapore)MITBANA Pte. Ltd. Promoting Urban Development in ASEAN CountriesA joint venture between MC and Surbana Jurong, a Singapore-based urban and infrastructure consulting firm. This company promotes urban in Asia and strives development projects to create highly functional and appealing communities by developing multipurpose real estate facilities, and utility infrastructures.Private Equity Business (Singapore)AIGF Advisors Pte. Ltd. Singapore-Based Growth Capital Fund Targeting Small/ Mid-Cap Companies in ASEAN regionAIGF Advisors Pte. Ltd. is a private equity investment management firm wholly owned by MC. The firm’s principal focus is to provide growth capital and to support value creation for small/mid-cap companies in the ASEAN region. AIGF Advisors supports long-term growth by leveraging the MC Group’s extensive business expertise and global business network.AMCK Aviation Holdings IrelandndndCK Aviation Holdings IrelannnAMCKAviationHoldingsIreladAMCKAviationHoldingsIreddAircraft Leasing (Ireland)nd)nd)DubiMMMDubMMMiMeDubaplopmentopaaLarge-Scale Urban Developments (Indonesia)Urban Development Business in BSD City, Indonesia Indonesia’s first smart city development project based on the concept of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)We are working on a large-scale urban development project of over 100 hectares located in the outskirts of BSD City, Jakarta, in partnership with Sinar Mas Land, one of the largest real estate developers in Indonesia. This endeavor is being conducted through Mitbana, a joint venture established with a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, a Singaporean government-affiliated investment company.ArabEErarabEbE(United Arab EArab Emirates)EmiEmi (Qatar)New Ulaanbaatar International Airport LLCewUlaanbaatarInternationalAirportLLCAirport Operation (Mongolia)Mbai MetMetttrotro ubai Mettttttrrrtro oooooooha MDohoha Metroa MetrotrMMMhhhDaoDoMeoaan ChChennevelopment in Cnnainnnai nai velopmentineominium DuCondomomevelopment in CievelopmeedminiumDDevelopmeaaaeCCCiiinnnnnhenhaiiCondommnondoCiment (IndReal EEstate Developmment (India)dment (IEstate Developm(tbe Highe PteCube Highhways and Infrastructure Pte. Ltd. LtLttdtdtdtdLture Pte. LtPrrrePteghhhways andhways anysnnnaysaddddttttt.LLL.Ldnd Infrastructurnd Infrastructurd Infrastrugays aubeCbeHigCbHieuuutructInfrastrPwhhhhhHiHighway Opedia)dia)Tololl-Road an and Holl-R)l-Road an Highway Opeeration (India)anpment in Taiyuuundominium Development in Taiyuannium DuuuCondomevelopmemmmnnnmmmnnTalopmentinTaiDevelopmentinTaominiumDevelopmentinTatiTiliiindominium Development in TaiyuanaaannnaaondddiCCoodddCoCCCCiiDDevelopmedominium Development in Xuzhoouoouuuent in XuzheveeelllvvDDDpoooniumnnmiuCondonumnium DeveloCCetinXuzhhzzzXXXnnniiinnnmoudominium Development in XuzhoooooodddCoCCCCCiodddoent in XuzhoopiDDeveeentiCondCondCCominium DeveConConndominmDmmiinnniimmmmnnnndoddooongzhouChanghouhhzzzouuuminium Devem Development in CminiumDevelopmentiminium Development iin Changzhin ChangzhtttiiipmeeeoeeeeDeeeeeelopmentinnniiinnnmmmvvvelopeiiiiidoddooooCCCCCgggt nt iCCCevelopmReal Estatetatate Developelopmentment (China)evelopmopmententinOrtigasCenterMeux Airport Services Co. Ltd.JJMC-Jalux Ap. LtdMC-JaluirportServicesCo.MMMMMaux Airport Services Co. Ltd.dddoottLdddirportServicesCo.Ltd.lllMC-JaluMMuuuaaCCCAAAxxxAAA-ort Services CportServicesCoAirport Operation (Myanmarmar)mar)aaAirport Operation (Myanmar)Airport Operation (Myanmar)CeCeCYoma CCCeCCaYomCentralantralaomaeovelopments (MUrban Developments (Myanmar)velopments (MalParkDevelopmentinThilawaIndustrial Park Development in Thilawa SEZal Park Development in ThilialParkDevelopmentinThilawaSEZIndustrial Park Development in Thilawa SEZialParkDevelopmentinThiReal Estate Development (Myanmar)nnomemeelopmelopmppent in Thilawa SmmmmllopveloveloDDReal Estate Development (Indonesia/Vietnam)PT Diamond Development Indonesia/MC Urban Development Vietnam Operating companies that handle real estate development in Indonesia & VietnamWholly-owned subsidiaries of MC that handle real estate development in both Indonesia and Vietnam. In the future, each company intends to expand the scope of its business along with the growth of the two countries.PHirst Park Homes Inc.Residenttfor Middle Income Class Consumers (Philippines)tial Developmment fortialDtialDnt for Mint for MidformCondomininium Dm DeveeeeuinlopmentinOrtigasCenter,MetroManiliiiiDim Deveelopment in Ortigas Center, Metroelopment in Ortigas Center, Metro ManilaopmentinOrtigasCenter,MetroManilapmentinOrtigmentinOrtigasCenter,MetroManiOtiDevmmmnnneeeas Center, Metro ManilaCondoondoCiCtMtMindomOfficding Developmee Budinging lding Development ingggtiffice Building Development Alabang, MuntinlupaopBuingDevelopmentinBeBdddgDevelopffice Building Development OffiffiffiffiffiffiffiOffildingDevelopmentdddllingDevelopmentiiiiiiDnnevelopmelaleal Estate DevelopmentalReaea(Philippines)

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