Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

Notify of any breach (or potential breach) of relevant antitrust lawandanti-bribery lawby MCor MCs subsdaries)yrosivrepuS& tiduAGlobal rebmeMdraoBtropeR i i( i’i “LUKS”noitatlusnoCdna tropeRWhstleblowngSystem34MC has established various internal regulations based on the Three Corporate Principles, MC’s guiding philosophy. These include the Corporate Standards of Conduct and the Code of Conduct. When engaging in business, officers and employees are obligated to make compliance their top priority. MC also introduced the post of Compliance Officer and appointed one to each Business Group. These officers are responsible for ensuring compliance in daily business operations. All company officers and employees are required to take e-learning courses, which include case studies on the Code of Conduct. They must also sign an agreement stating that they understand and will adhere to the rules at all times. These protocols are now being implemented at MC’s subsidiaries and affiliates on a global basis, as well. Additional steps that have been taken throughout the MC Group include holding Compliance Discussions to encourage personnel to discuss compliance issues in each workplace by using case studies (i.e. possible violations in view of the office’s operations) and seminars, as well as distributing Compliance Case Study Booklets to employees. These measures will ensure ongoing learning and development, not only by employees and officers at MC, but by those at MC’s subsidiaries and affiliates as well. As of fiscal year 2019, MC’s Chief Compliance Officer shall now not only serve as the chairperson of the Compliance Committee, but also as the chairperson of the Security Trade Control Committee and the Trade Procedures Control Committee.MC’s actions are all based on this spirit of compliance; it remains an essential factor in raising consolidated corporate value and we remain committed to continuously upgrading and reinforcing our compliance initiatives.AuditGroup CEOOrganization Heads (BU, Division, Department, Branch, etc.)Immediate ManagerReport and ConsultationPresident and CEOChief Compliance OfficerGroup ComplianceOfficerCompliance OfficerReport and ConsultationEmployeesAppointmentDirectiveReportAppointmentDirectiveReport andConsultationDirectiveReport and ConsultationReport and ConsultationDirectiveSubsidiaries and Affiliated CompaniesChairperson: Chief Compliance OfficerCompliance Mail Box and HelplineInternal Audit Dept. Compliance Mail Box and HelplineOutside Legal Counsel Compliance Mail Box and HelplineAdministration Office: Legal Dept. Compliance Administration OfficeReport(Target: Registered MC Domestic Subsidiaries)Report (Web / Telephone)Compliance CommitteeInternal Whistleblower SystemEmployeesMC Group Outside Legal CounselCompliance Mail Box and HelplineMitsubishi CorporationReportReport Report Compliance

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