Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

36*Net income (Net loss) denotes net income (net loss) attributable to owners of the Parent.*The provisional amounts as of March 31, 2020 have been retrospectively adjusted due to the completion of the initial accounting for business combination.Segment Information (Year Ended March 31, 2021) [IFRS]Mitsubishi Corporation and Subsidiaries Revenues And Income [IFRS]DividendsRevenues Gross profit Net income attributable to owners of the ParentNet income attributable to owners of the Parent per share (diluted) (yen)ROE (%)ROA (%)Dividend per share (for the year, yen)Payout ratio (%)Net income (Net loss)Total assetsNo. of employeesNet income (Net loss)Total assetsNo. of employeesNatural Gas GroupAutomotive & Mobility Group16,103.81,987.8590.7371.551,579.9 billion(28.1 billion)1,461.4 billion2019.314,779.71,789.1535.4347.7110. billion7596,5812020.3Industrial Materials GroupFood Industry Group(Billions of Yen)12,884.51,605.1172.6116.573.20.91341154.7 billion1,128.5 billion10,47439.4 billion1,730.8 billion23,5612021.3Petroleum & Chemicals Solution GroupConsumer Industry GroupFinancial Position [IFRS]Total assetsEquity attributable to owners of the ParentEquity per share attributable to owners of the Parent (yen)Operating cash flowsInvesting cash flowsFree cash flows26.2 billion947.5 billion4,386(73.2 billion)3,876.3 billion18,796Mineral Resources GroupPower Solution Group 16,532.85,696.23,589.37652.7(273.7)379.078.1 billion3,425.0 billion81642.3 billion1,815.0 billion4,4512019.3Industrial Infrastructure GroupUrban Development Group18,033.418,635.05,227.45,613.63,521.303,803.01849.71,017.6(500.7)(357.3)349.021.2 billion1,090.2 billion25.4 billion996.2 billion2020.32021.3(Billions of Yen)660.38,955651Cash FlowsFinancial Highlights

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