Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

Takehiko Kakiuchi*Kazuyuki Masu*Corporate Functional Officer, CFOIwao ToideGroup CEO, Automotive & Mobility GroupAkira Murakoshi*Corporate Functional Officer, CDO, CAO, Corporate Communications, Corporate Sustainability & CSRMitsumasa IchoGroup CEO, Urban Development GroupNorikazu TanakaGroup CEO, Mineral Resources GroupHidenori TakaokaPresident, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)Kotaro TsukamotoGroup CEO, Industrial Materials GroupKatsuya NakanishiGroup CEO, Power Solution GroupJun NishizawaGroup CEO, Natural Gas GroupNorio SaigusaGroup CEO, Food Industry GroupAiichiro MatsunagaGroup CEO, Industrial Infrastructure GroupYasuteru Hirai*Corporate Functional Officer, Global Strategy (Concurrently) Chief Compliance Officer, Officer for Emergency Crisis Management HeadquartersPresident and Chief Executive OfficerExecutive Vice PresidentsExecutive OfficersSenior Vice PresidentsOsamu TakeuchiGroup CEO, Petroleum & Chemicals Solution GroupYutaka Kashiwagi*Corporate Functional Officer, Business Development for Japan (Concurrently) General Manager, Kansai BranchKiyotaka KikuchiGroup CEO, Consumer Industry Group (Concurrently) Division COO, Retail Div. Tatsuo NakamuraDivision COO, Automotive Business Div.Koji KishimotoDivision COO, Food Sciences Div.Eisuke ShiozakiGeneral Manager, Industrial Materials Group CEO OfficeYoshinori KatayamaManaging Director, Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc. (Concurrently) General Manager, Corporate Management Support Office (EMEA)Yoshifumi HachiyaGeneral Manager, Business Investment Management Dept.Hisashi IshimakiGeneral Manager, Automotive & Mobility Group CEO OfficeTakuya KugaGeneral Manager, Urban Development Group CEO OfficeYasumasa KashiwagiDivision COO, Produce & Marine Products Div.Hiroki HabaDivision COO, Next-Generation Fuels & Petroleum Business Div.Keiichi ShiobaraGeneral Manager, Mineral Resources Group CEO OfficeShigeru WakabayashiDivision COO, Isuzu Business Div.Koichi SeriDivision COO, Mineral Resources Trading Div. Yasuhiro KawakamiSeconded to Cermaq Group AS (Chair of the Board)Kenji OtaGeneral Manager, Headquarters for the Middle EastYuzo NouchiGeneral Manager, Corporate Accounting Dept.Masaru SaitoDivision COO, North America Div.Koji OtaDivision COO, Plant Engineering Div.Makoto OkawaraGeneral Manager, Finance Dept.Naoshi OgikuboDivision COO, Urban Development Div.Yoshiyuki NojimaGeneral Manager, Corporate Administration Dept.Akihiko TakadaDivision COO, Asia-Pacific Div.Tetsuo KawateGeneral Manager, Global Human Resources Dept.Kyoya KondoDivision COO, Mobility Business Div.Yasuyuki AsakuraGeneral Manager, Power Solution Group CEO Office* Represents Members of the BoardKo ImamuraSeconded to Metal One Corporation (Senior Executive Vice President)Sadahiko HanejiSeconded to Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd (Managing Director & CEO)Tetsuya ShinoharaGeneral Manager, Global Strategy and Regional Management Dept.Shota KondoGeneral Manager, Natural Gas Group CEO OfficeSatoshi KoyamaDivision COO, Mineral Resources Investment Div. (Concurrently) General Manager, MDP Dept.Toshiaki MaekawaSeconded to Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd. (President Director) (Concurrently) Seconded to Tri Petch Isuzu Leasing Co., Ltd. (Vice Chairman, Director)Hideyuki HoriGeneral Manager, Corporate Strategy & Planning Dept.Koji OhnoDivision COO, Steel Products Div.Akifumi SuzukiDivision COO, Global Marketing Div.Company NameMitsubishi CorporationDate EstablishedJuly 1, 1954 (Date Registered: April 1, 1950)Capital¥204,446,667,326Shares Of Common Stock Issued1,485,723,351Listed On The Following Stock ExchangesTokyoHead OfficeMitsubishi Shoji Building3-1, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8086, Japan**Registered Office of our companyMarunouchi Park Building6-1, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8086, JapanNumber Of EmployeesParent company: 5,725Parent company and all of its consolidated subsidiaries: 82,997* The number of employees does not include individuals seconded to other companies includes individuals seconded from other companies.Mitsubishi Corporation WebsiteFor more details about Mitsubishi Corporation’s business, sustainability and CSR activities, investor relations and career information, please visit our website.MC LibraryThis page contains additional resources, including our corporate profile video, an outline of our history, an overview of our social contribution activities and examples of company ads.39Corporate Data(As of March 31, 2021)

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