Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

21 MC Offices and Subsidiaries372 Group CompaniesEurope11 MC Offices and SubsidiariesAfrica13 MC Offices and Subsidiaries4 Group Companies6 Group Companies24 MC Offices and Subsidiaries174 Group CompaniesMiddle East16 MC Offices and Subsidiaries80 Group CompaniesEast AsiaAsiaOceania9 MC Offices and Subsidiaries328 Group Companies4 MC Offices and Subsidiaries27 Group CompaniesJapan* “Offices and subsidiaries” is a general term that refers to MC offices, subsidiaries, annex offices, and project officesHead Office: TokyoNumber of MC offices and subsidiaries in Japan: 9Number of MC offices and subsidiaries overseas: 112* Locations of MC offices and subsidiaries (MC branches, of-fices, liaison offices, regional subsidiaries, etc.) are markedNumber of group companies: 1,721(1,265 consolidated subsidiaries and 456 equity-method affiliates)*As of March 31, 2021. Including affiliates for which subsidiaries implement consolidated accounting procedures, as well as MC’s regional subsidiaries which implement consolidated accounting procedures*MC’s regional subsidiaries are included in the number of MC offices and subsidiaries on the mapHead Office5

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